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5 Best Salmon for Smoking, 2021 (Oct), King to Chum all types.

Best Salmon for Smoking

If you are looking for the best salmon for smoking , then knowing its types , tenderness, taste will certainly add up to choosing the right one for your need. In short there are five kinds such as King, Sockeye, Silver, Pink and Chum. All of these kinds look similar to each other with bright … Read more

How to Smoke a Turkey Breast in an Electric Smoker, Easy Steps| 2021(Oct)

How to smoke a turkey breast

Here is my method on How to Smoke a Turkey Breast in an Electric Smoker. It’s very simple to smoke a turkey breast in an electric smoker. Usually, I use a mix of hickory and apple chips for turkey. It’s up to you, use your favorite flavor chips. A five-pound entire breast, including ribs, takes … Read more

Easy Steps on How to Smoke Salmon in a Smoker, 4 smokers, 2021(Oct)

How to smoke salmon in a smoker

How to Smoke Salmon in a Smoker? It’s incredibly easy, nothing much is there. So I will be sharing some cool  ideas on smoking salmon in a smoker.  I have tried to answer all your queries . However if you still have questions feel free to provide feedback. How to Smoke Salmon in a Smoker … Read more

5 Effective Steps on How to Cure Sausage for Smoking?Updated Oct (2021)

An Image showing curing sausage for smoking

Before diving into how to cure sausage for smoking, there are few things that might give you more insight about the curing process. I thoroughly enjoyed writing and bringing out these information to you. Let’s dive in. #1 Things to Know before Curing Sausages 1.1 Sausage Casings Once you prepare the sausage mix , you … Read more

5 Best Chicken Marinades for Grilling, Juicy, Balsamic, Italian Dressing, Bone in Chicken, Salad etc. Updated Oct (2021)

Best Chicken Marinade for Grilling

I have collected 5 most on demand grilled chicken marinades for you to try out. There are still many different types of marinades to try out. However this are my favourite picks for various reasons Be sure to try out and leave your experiences..Let’s dive in.. 😉 Top 5 recipes for Best chicken marinades for … Read more