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6 Effective Char Griller Offset Smoker Mods, July(2024)

Here I have explained step by step Char Griller Offset Smoker Mods in detail.

Also I have discussed how you can improve your offset smoker and add moisture easily…

So, for more information dive in…,

Char Griller Offset Smoker Mods
Char Griller Offset Smoker Mods

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Char Griller Offset Smoker Mods

# Mod 1: Using a L-shaped aluminum

The lid of the My Char Griller wasn’t closing really well, there was a lot of heat loss happening on top and around the edges in some areas.

So, I tried to solve the problem with the given steps…


  • L- shaped aluminum pieces.
  • Screws.
    You will need screws to install the L-shaped aluminum onto the lips on both sides of the lid.
  • 3/8 inch rope sealant

Steps to follow:


Take some L shaped aluminum pieces..

Take the length of both sides of the lid.

Then cut out the L-shaped aluminum.


  • Now you have to install the pieces of l- shaped aluminum on both sides of the lid with screws..
  • After installing the angle brackets take some 3/8 inch rope sealant or a rope gasket.
  • Then apply all the way around the edges to both sides of the grill.
L-shaped aluminum on both side of the lid
L-shaped aluminum on both side of the lid

# Mod 2: Using a Dryer vent duct


  • Get a dryer vent duct.
    This helps you achieve a bit more controlled smoke flow.

    Whenever you close the lid, the vent will push the cooking grate. But that does not mean that it will be very long..

    It would be nice if the vents hang on and do not touch the surface completely.

    The advantage of this offset smoker vent is that you will get more smoke continuously with less wood in the smoke box. Also you can stop heat leakage this way.
  • Rubber sheet.

Steps to follow:


  • Cut the vent as per needed length.
    (You can see in the image.)
  • Make a hole similar to the vent hole in the rubber sheet.
  • Join the rubber with the vent using a clamp..


  • Fix the vent on the smokestacks hole inside the chamber with adhesive and bolts.
  • Just let it hang a few inches above the surface.
Dry vent.
Dry vent.

# Mod 3: Using RTV sealant

Where there are holes or gaps in the smoker and where a rope gasket cannot be installed, applying RTV sealant can protect against smoke and heat.


Steps to follow:


  • Purchase a RTV sealant..
  • First clean the area where you are going to apply the sealant.


  • Firebox mod
    • You have to apply the first RTV sealant lightly on the firebox door. 
    • Than paste Lava rock gasket on the side of RTV sealant.
  • Lid of the cooking chamber
    • Apply RTV sealant in grapes on the lid.
  • Smokestack mod
    • Apply RTV sealant on the joint of the smokestacks.

Wherever smoke is coming out, definitely apply Rtv sealant.

For example, you can apply it in the gap around the cooking chamber.

Apply rtv sealant at the place where the bolts are installed.

Also you can put around the temperature gauge…

RTV sealant and Lavalock gasket on the firebox
RTV sealant and Lavalock gasket on the firebox
Rope gasket on the lid.
Rope gasket on the lid.
RTV sealant on the gapes.
RTV sealant on the gapes.

# Mod 4: Using standoff brackets

It’s better to use standoff brackets to keep the smoke box from dangling off the straight edge without support..


Steps to follow:


  • You have to take the measurement and put brackets on both sides as shown in the image.
  • You have to use a drill.


  • First measure and mark as you are going to drill.
  • You have to make a hole in the firebox and in the flat bar which is attached with stands.
  • You have to do this work in two sides because you will be installing two brackets.
  • Then fix the brackets.
Standoff brackets to avoid moving
Standoff brackets to avoid moving

# Mod 5: Using Baffle plate


  • Char Griller Baffle plate / metal sheet.

Steps to follow:


  • You will need two pieces of metal sheet.
  • You should cut the pieces according to chamber length.
  • You can make 15 to 20 holes on sheets or put simply.
  • You have to purchase 2 to3 bricks to hold the sheet.


  • Keep the bricks inside the cooking chamber. ( you can use aluminum foil before placing the bricks)
  • Then place sheets on both sides over the brick.
  • After that you keep your grates and start cooking.
Baffle Plates Installation.
Baffle Plates Installation.

# Mod 6: Installing temp gauge


  • You may need a temperature gauge.

Steps to follow:


  • Mark the place where you are going to drill.
  • If you want to install two gauge on both sides then take measurements.


  • Drill on the marked place.
  • Then install the gauge and tighten using bolts and wrench.
Thermometer Gauge.
Thermometer Gauge.

# Accessories

# How can I improve my offset smoker?

You can find many ways to improve your offset smoker, which is very easy and will not cost much.
For example- 

  1. A baffle plate or sheet metal can be added.
    If you use a baffle plate, the heat will be distributed evenly and consistently, and your food will be cooked to perfection.
  2. Using a  Dryer vent duct
    You can also improve your offset smoker by replacing the dryer vent.
    The smoke and heat from the firebox will not come out directly from the smoke stack. After spilling into the cooking chamber, it will leave through the vent.
  3. You can make a charcoal basket or charcoal grate.
    By doing this, you can control the fire in the firebox in a proper way. And can also take care of cleanliness.
  4. You can add a water pan.
    The water pan will create moisture in the cooking chamber and prevent the food from becoming too dry.
  5. Fix the leaks.
    If there is any leakage in your Char Griller, then you can fix it and make it better.
  6. You can install an extra temperature gauge.
    If you want to maintain the temperature level properly, you can monitor it by installing an additional gauge.

    Char-grillers look good when the gauges are mounted on the sides of the lid..
  7. A charcoal box or grate can be arranged for the firebox.
    All of these things can be made or purchased.
    All these kits make your work even easier.

# How do you add moisture to a smoker?

You can add moisture to the smoker in three ways…

  1. Through spraying you can add moisture.
    Keep a spray bottle loaded with stock, apple juice, or spray butter on standby to spritz the meat with when it begins to dry.
  2. Second, you can brush some syrup on the meat in the midst of the cooking process.
  3. You can place a water pan with food.

# How do you control the temperature on a Char Griller smoker?

To maintain the temperature we have to follow some tricks…

A Char Griller offset smoker has two dampers.

You should leave your side damper about a fourth of the way open and adjust it from there to allow more air to enter the side firebox.

Increasing the amount of oxygen in the fire causes it to become warmer and burn longer..

Offset smoking is low and slow, so, there’s no need to start a raging fire..

To bring the smoke into the main chamber, you need charcoal with pieces of wood.

Keep the primary cooking chamber as closed as possible to prevent excess heat.

Because opening the lid of the chamber lets out heat and smoke, which lowers your temperature.

You can use the probe to check the temperature without opening the lid again and again…

# How to install char griller smoker box?

Remove the grates and ash pan from your smoker to access the side damper plate.

Remove bolts with a 7/16 wrench to remove the barrel plate.

Remove bolts with wrench
Remove bolts with wrench

Remove the plate of the side firebox the way the barrel plate was removed.

After Removing the plates, align the top hole of the barrel and side firebox.

Line up the top hole.
Line up the top hole.

Now, you have to install the bolt and install the spacers on the bottom.

Install Bottom Spacer
Install Bottom Spacer

Also attach the remaining bolts and tighten them…

Tighten remaining bolts.
Tighten remaining bolts.

Keep back your ashpan, damper and grates…

# Conclusion

In conclusion, you may improve your smoking experience and produce excellent barbecue by putting these Char Griller offset smoker tweaks into practice. These adjustments can have a big impact on everything from temperature control to cooking effectiveness. These quick and simple modifications will improve the airflow, heat distribution, and smoke retention in your offset smoker. Improve your grilling abilities and dazzle your loved ones with succulent, expertly smoked meats. Discover the world of Char Griller offset smoker mods to maximize your outdoor cooking experiences.


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