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Oklahoma Joe vs Char-Griller (Longhorn vs Grand Champ), Best Overall?

Oklahoma Joe vs Char-Griller

Knowing the difference between Oklahoma Joe vs Char-Griller is important. Especially if you are planning to get one. Every smoker or grill has its flaws along with quality. Oklahoma Joe and Char-Griller are no different. I have tried my best to explain the differences among them. It is purely based on my experiences in using … Read more

Char Griller Grand Champ XD Review, August (2022),Worth?

Char Griller Grand Champ Image

Here is my Char Griller Grand Champ xd review. Based on my experience I have discussed specs, dimensions, thickness, thermometer, cover, mods, models etc all in detail. I waited for the release of this smoker with so much enthusiasm.  And now here it is… I already have a lot of stuff, more good and less … Read more

Oklahoma Joe’s Highland Review, August(2022).Detailed

Oklohama Highland Offset Smoker

Looking for Oklahoma Joe’s Highland review? Right in the place to make it simpler for you. This might not be the first time you heard about Oklahoma Joe Highland Smoker. With its power pack abilities it has stood to be one of the best smokers to get started with. If you are not ready enough … Read more

7 Best Reverse Flow Smoker in August(2022) (Based on your Need)

Oklahoma Joe's Longhorn best reverse flow smoker for beginner

There are various types of reverse flow offset smokers in the market. And it can be quite confusing to find out the right one according to our needs.  Just being reverse flow in its operation doesn’t mean that it  will be efficient . We should always make sure about the other factors like  thickness of … Read more

3 Best Offset Smoker for Beginners, August(2022).Entry Level, Budget, Small, Used etc

Okhlahoma Joes Reverse Flow Offset Smoker Image. Best offset smoker for Beginners

It was very easy for me to prepare the list of best offset smoker for beginners. I know exactly the struggle I had as a beginner. I remember when I was starting out as a fresh graduate putting my hands into the work of Grilling and Smoking. I used to think the smoker needs to … Read more