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Oklahoma Joe’s Highland Mods

Mod 1: Using gasket & silicone sealant


  • Gasket
    The gasket prevents smoke and heat from escaping out of the smoker, helping your food cook better and taste better.
  • High heat silicone sealant
    Can’t use gasket self sticks everywhere to avoid smoke and heat. Like between the cooking chamber and the firebox.

    That’s why silicone sealant is used to close that kind of gap which is designed to withstand high temperature…

Steps to follow:


  • Purchase a self stick gasket and red silicone sealant.
  • Before starting the modification of your smoker please clean the area where you will modify it.

Action :

  • Install self stick gasket.
    • Put gasket all around the firebox lip.
    • Also you have to put on lid of firebox.
    • Now you have to put gasket all around the main chamber’s lid.
    • Next you will put on the lid’s lip.
  • Put the silicone sealant.
    • Use your hand glove before using silicone.
    • Take a little amount of silicone sealant on your finger or you can use spray holder..
  • Put on the joints.
    • Silicone sealant is to be applied between the firebox and smoker chamber where they are joined.
    • Then apply silicone sealant wherever there are gaps around the firebox.
    • Now apply sealant around the nuts of the firebox from the inside.
    • Also you have to apply silicone sealant on exhaust vent.
Gasket on firebox lip
Gasket on firebox lip
Gasket on the cooking chamber's lid
Gasket on the cooking chamber’s lid
Silicone sealant on the joint
Silicone sealant on the joint
Silicone sealant around the nuts
Silicone sealant around the nuts.
Silicone sealant on Exhaust vent
Silicone sealant on Exhaust vent

Mod 2: Silicon high heat grommet installation


Steps to follow:


  • Purchase a silicone high heat grommet..


  • Drill holes…
    • You’ll need to drill a hole that’s an inch and a quarter in diameter.

      You can drill holes and install grommets on either side of the wall of the cooking chamber.

      Ensure that the grommet is slightly higher above the cooking grates…

Mod 3: Using Baffle plate


  • Baffle plate

    One of the most common issues with this highland smoker is that it gets too hot on the side of the firebox while not getting hot enough on the side where your exhaust is.

    So, to solve this problem, I will tell you how to do it with the baffle plate…

Steps to follow:


  • You have to purchase the baffle plate.

    It comes with a four piece kit with some brackets, bolts and screws which you can put together easily..


  • Fix the brackets with a baffle plate.
    • The bracket has a long and short edge.

      When installing this bracket with baffle, make sure the short edge is on the back and the long edge is on the bottom..
  • Add the brackets and baffle as shown in the image..
  • Tighten both with a given screw and nuts using 7 16 or 11 millimetre sockets.
  • Now you have to join two plates together with nuts using a socket.
  • Empty the cooking chamber.
    • Now you have to remove the cooking grates from the cooking chamber.
    • After removing the grates, place the baffle plate inside the cooking chamber.
    • The vertical side of the baffle plate should be facing the firebox.
  • Put back all the grates above the baffle plate.
Installing bracket and baffle plate
Installing bracket and baffle plate
Baffle plate in the cooking chamber
Baffle plate in the cooking chamber

Baffle plate.

Mod 4: Temperature gauge installation


Steps to follow:


  • You will need a temperature gauge to install on the smoker..


  • Gauge installation.
    • The company has already made a place to install the thermometer gauge.

      So, simply remove the bolt and tighten the gauge with a screwdriver
Gauge installation
Gauge installation
Temperature Gauge
Temperature Gauge

# Accessories that come in handy with Oklahoma Joe’s Highland Smokers.

# Can you use the Oklahoma Joe Highland as a grill?

Yes, we can use the Oklahoma Joe Highland as a grill..

# How to smoke on Oklahoma Joe Highland?

How to Use an Oklahoma Joe Smoker in 7 Easy Steps:

  • Get your smoker ready through seasoning.
  • Choose the Proper Temperature.
  • Create a Large Enough Fire.
  • Meanwhile, keep an eye on the smoke and keep adjusting the airflow.
  • To maintain your desired temperature, adjust the temperature.
  • Add wood for flavor.
  • Maintain the Moisture.

# Conclusion

In conclusion, these Oklahoma Joe’s Highland tweaks will completely change the way you smoke.. These alterations provide unparalleled versatility, from temperature control to capacity expansion. Say good-bye to annoying temperature variations and hello to reliable, mouthwatering results. Take your grilling to the next level by upgrading your Oklahoma Joe’s Highland smoker. You’ll be the talk of the neighborhood cookouts with these crucial modifications. With these essential Oklahoma Joe’s Highland tweaks, up your smoking game.


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