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My 7 Oklahoma Joe Longhorn Smoker Mods – July(2024)

In this guide, I address many of the questions you might have about Oklahoma Joe Longhorn Smoker Mods..

Finding accurate and comprehensive information on these mods was a challenge for me.

But through my personal experiences and learnings, I’ve gathered valuable insights that I believe will be beneficial for you.

I’ve delved into common topics such as:

I genuinely hope my insights provide the answers you’re seeking…;

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Oklahoma Joe Longhorn Smoker Mods- Easy and to the point.

Mod 1 : Installing Lock Gauges.

Smoke leakages in the Oklahoma Joe Longhorn are a common issue I’ve noticed. One primary culprit? The cooking chamber lids not sealing correctly.

To combat this, I personally opted for the Lava Lock clamp, installing it directly on the chamber doors. It made a significant difference in ensuring a tight seal.

While some prefer positioning the clamp lower, I found it most effective on the upper side.

However, a word of caution: its placement can sometimes interfere with opening the firebox lids.

Ultimately, the decision on where to place it rests with you, based on your preferences and needs..

Lava Lock clamp
Lava Lock clamp
LavaLock® clamps compatible with Oklahoma Joe’s Smoker Lid Latch Kit for Longhorn, Highland, 3 in 1 cook chamber lid 2 pack
  • ✅ 【FOR FIREBOX / COOK CHAMBER】Smoker latches for smoking chamber or firebox lid
  • ✅ 【ADJUSTABLE】Adjustable design to work with any offset smoker
  • ✅ 【FITS OK JOES HL & LH】Replaces Oem compatible with Oklahoma Joe’s 7816915P06 Door Latch Kit, 2-Pack
  • ✅ 【HELPS FIX WARPED LIDS】Allows for easy modification and customization of your smoker
  • ✅ 【2 PER PACK】Smoker door latch kit includes two latches per pack with mounting hardware.

Mod 2: Incorporating Additional Thermometers

The Oklahoma Joe Longhorn comes equipped with two slots for thermometers right out of the box. Wanting to maximize this feature, I decided to install new thermometers myself..

To my surprise, I observed a temperature difference of 10-15 degrees between the two sides. But, rather than seeing it as an issue, I’ve come to appreciate this variance. Having one side hotter than the other is quite beneficial for me, especially when I’m cooking different dishes simultaneously.

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DOZYANT BBQ Charcoal Grill Smoker Temperature Gauge Pit Barbecue Thermometer Fahrenheit and Heat Indicator for Meat Cooking Port Lamb Beef, Stainless Steel Temp Gauge
  • The 2 3/8″ large face of the temperature gauge makes it easy to read and classify the temperature of your food. The Stem is 2 7/8″
  • For maximum durability and reliability the case is made out of stainless steel. This is not only safe but also environmentally friendly
  • Easy to install on your grill, oven or oven panel for convenient usage
  • The surface of the temperature gauge is waterproof and will not get foggy due to the heat so that you can read the temperature at any time you wish to do so
  • The temperature range goes from 50F~800F (2% measuring accuracy)

Mod 3: Incorporating a Water Pan

I can’t recommend this enough. I’ve positioned a water pan right under the grates.

Not only is it space-efficient, but it’s also a game-changer when it comes to temperature management. Take a look at how I’ve set mine up.

Water Pan
Water Pan

Mod 4 : Using Diffuser or Tuning Plates (Oklahoma Joe Longhorn Tuning Plate)

This modification has been a game-changer for me, and I can’t stress its value enough.

Tuning plates play a crucial role in distributing smoke evenly throughout the cooking chamber.

Plus, they’re instrumental in maintaining a consistent temperature..

I opted to purchase one online, sidestepping the DIY route to save time and effort.

Installation choices vary: you can either secure it with screws for a permanent setup or leave it temporary.

In my setup, I firmly screwed it in place. And trust me, when it’s cleaning time, unscrewing it is a breeze..

Tuning Plate
Tuning Plate

Mod 5: Eliminating Spot Welds and Brackets

Upon inspecting the inside of the cooking chamber, you might notice tiny spot welds situated beneath where the baffle plate rests, along with some brackets. It’s worth noting that these are specifically for reverse flow models.

For my setup, they weren’t necessary. So, with the aid of an air hammer, I promptly removed them. My goal was to optimize the tuning system, and to ensure my tuning plates sat perfectly, these welds had to go.

Tiny welds and brackets
Tiny welds and brackets

Mod 6: Securing the Firebox (Aka the Oklahoma Joe Firebox Upgrade)

Sealing the firebox with silicone is a smart move. In my journey with the Oklahoma Joe, I took it a step further. I applied silicone to virtually every spot where I noticed smoke escaping during my cooking sessions.

If smoke leakage is a persistent issue for you, as it was for me, then this modification is essential.

Firebox mod
Firebox mod
Installing gasket on firebox
Installing gasket on firebox

Tips : 

It is useless to put sealant around the area of the firebox lid closing as it burns off with heat soon.  

Mod 7: Introducing Ports for Probes

There’s nothing more frustrating than witnessing smoke leakages when trying to insert a temperature probe through the lid.

To tackle this, I took the initiative to drill a hole, allowing for direct probe insertion.

This modification has been incredibly convenient, eliminating the need to thread my probe through the lid.

For an added touch, consider attaching a rubber port. It not only prevents leakages but also facilitates smoother insertion of temperature probes.

Probe Port Mod
Probe Port Mod
IMPRESA 2 Pack Thermometer and Probe Grommet for Grills – Compatible with Weber Smokey Mountain Cookers and More – Compare to Replacement 85037
  • Ideal For Many Grills: Our thermometer and probe grommets are a perfect fit for Weber (TM) Smokey Mountain Cookers (TM) with no drilling required (14.5″, 18.5″ and 22.5″). Other grills can be easily adapted to use the probe by drilling a 1.25 inch hole in the side of the grill (tips below)
  • Measure Temperature Easily: Our thermometer and probe port makes it easy to feed probes into your grill without crushing or damaging the sensor cord under the lid. The small round hole is perfect for smaller probes and the larger slot port is great for large or dual probes
  • Comparable To OEM Parts: Our thermometer grommets are made from high-quality, high-temperature-resistant, food-grade silicone and are durable, robust, and made to last
  • Easy To Install: Quick and easy to install – installation tips below. Comparable to OEM part # 85037. Allows for multiple probes to be inserted
  • If you have any questions about whether this probe grommet for smoker will fit your equipment, please contact us through our seller page or ask a question. Please note: This is an aftermarket product (produced by Impresa Products). We have no affiliation with or endorsement from any of the manufacturers mentioned

# Tools and Items I used for the Modifications:

Find your Accessories

Oklahoma Joe’s Temperature gauge

Oklahoma Joe’s 3695528R06 Analog Temperature Gauge , Silver
  • Fits most BBQ smokers with a 13/16 inch opening
  • Accurately reads temperature of grill or smoker in degrees Fahrenheit
  • Premium stainless Steel construction
  • Includes one temperature gauge with wing nut

Oklahoma Joe’s Steel Griddle

Oklahoma Joe’s 1996977P04 19-inch Carbon Steel Griddle, Gray
  • Extra-large 19-inch diameter griddle to cook for a crowd
  • Heavy-duty 12-gauge carbon steel construction is more durable and lighter than cast-iron
  • Universal griddle for use with most smokers, grills, ovens and stove tops
  • Designed to fit the Flex Grate on the Oklahoma Joe’s Rider & Rider DLX Pellet Grills
  • MEASUREMENTS: Diameter: 19.0 inches ; Handle width: 4.3 inches; Handle height: 2.3 inches; Thickness: 1.2 inches; Base to top of handle: 2.4 inches

Oklahoma Joe’s Charcoal Firebox

Oklahoma Joe’s 5279338P04 Stainless Steel Offset Smoker Charcoal Firebox Basket, Silver
  • The original heavy-duty basket from Oklahoma Joe’s. Designed in the USA
  • Holds enough fuel to load once and cook all day. Also helps keep cleanup quick and simple.
  • Fits most offset charcoal smoker grills including the Oklahoma Joe’s Highland, Longhorn, Bandera and 3-in-1 Combo.
  • Stainless steel construction so it’s build to last. Quick and easy to assemble.
  • Measures 12.3-Inches W x 12.3-Inches D x 7.5-Inches H

Oklahoma Joe’s Dirp Bucket

Oklahoma Joe’s 9518545P06 Drip Bucket, Black
  • Long-lasting metal construction so it’s made to last
  • Coated with weather-resistant paint
  • Works with most offset smokers
  • Measures 6.3-inches in diamter with a 2-quart capacity

Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Outdoor combo grill cover:

Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Outdoor Grill Combo Cover
  • Made To Fit The Oklahoma Joe Grill/Smoker Combo
  • Heavy-Duty 300D X 250D Polyester
  • Weather Resistant
  • No Assembly Required

Oklahoma Joe’s Smoker Lid Latch Kit

Lid Latch Kit
Lid Latch Kit

Smoke stack extension for OKLAHOMA JOE’S LONGHORN

Smoke Stack Extension For Oklahoma J0e's Lonhorn
Smoke Stack Extension For Oklahoma J0e’s Lonhorn


# How can I improve my Oklahoma Joe smoker?

Elevate your Oklahoma Joe Smoker experience with a few modifications. Consider sealing any joint leakages, applying gaskets across the lids, utilizing a charcoal basket, and adding a temperature gauge. I’ve detailed the most impactful modifications in this article for your convenience.

# Are Oklahoma Joe’s smokers manufactured in China?

While the brand is under the umbrella of Charbroil, a US-based company known for its quality, the mass production of Oklahoma Joe’s units takes place in China. That said, its performance and build quality stand out, making it superior to many competitors in its category.

# How do I operate an Oklahoma Joe’s Highland offset smoker?

Operating the Oklahoma Joe’s Highland offset smoker is straightforward, much like other offset smokers. For a hands-on guide, check out this video tutorial on “Smoked Ribs and Fire Management.

# Which is the largest Oklahoma Joe smoker available?

The Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn offset smoker takes the crown as the most spacious model, boasting approximately 751-square-inches of primary cooking area.

# Does the Oklahoma Joe Longhorn Smoker feature a reverse flow exhaust port?

No, the Longhorn Offset Smoker comes with a single smoke stack, without a reverse flow exhaust port.

# Conclusion

In conclusion, these simple modifications for the Oklahoma Joe Longhorn Smoker can greatly improve its functionality and usability.. You may improve temperature control and efficiency with these adjustments, which range from installing heat management systems to closing air leaks. By putting these straightforward improvements into practice, you can elevate your smoking skills and easily enjoy mouthwatering bbq…


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