10 Easy Masterbuilt 1050 Mods, Sep(2023)

masterbuilt 1050 mods_FeaturedImage
masterbuilt 1050 mods_FeaturedImage

Here I have explained most of your queries about Masterbuilt 1050 Mods.

I have tried to cover some common queries  like :

  • Masterbuilt 1050 charcoal grate
  • Masterbuilt 1050 firebox liner installation
  • Masterbuilt 1050 water pan
  • Masterbuilt 1050 vent mods
  • Masterbuilt 1050 manifold cover
  • Masterbuilt 1050 front shelf
  • Accessories.
  • How to add Rotisserie etc..

Check out the modifications…,

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Masterbuilt gravity series 1050 mods

Mod 1: Masterbuilt 1050 charcoal grate

The latest model of Charcoal grate is actually nice.

It comes with fewer gaps and also it has a Fan Protector.
You can check- Charcoal grate with Fan Protector.

But if you are not comfortable with a new one then you can modify your grate with skewers.

Instruction :

  • Just take the flat skewer.
  • Measure according to your charcoal width.
  • Cut the skewer.
  • Insert in the gaps of the grate.
Masterbuilt 1050 Mods
Charcoal grate mod.

Mod 2: Masterbuilt 1050 firebox liner installation

Masterbuilt 1050 firebox modification is the same as it is Masterbuilt 560.

You can check for hopper liner or Firebox.


  • Remove the screws of the hopper cover and the hopper cover.
  • Disconnect the wire.
  • Remove the screws of the upper hopper and keep aside.
  • Take a hammer and hit gently on the firebox wall.
  • Slide down half part of the new hopper liner.
  • Next, lay a piece of lumber over the liner and hit it with a hammer there.
  • Before assembling your upper hopper you can seal it with a gasket on the fire box lip.
  • After installing the hopper liner, assemble all the parts back together..

Mod 3: Masterbuilt 1050 water pan.

It’s very easy to insert a water pan between the manifold and the firebox..

You just buy and place it. If you want to make your own then you have to collect metal plates, welding machines etc. It will take time..

Here is a link to buy Water pan..

Masterbuilt 1050 Mods
Water pan.

Mod 4: Masterbuilt 1050 vent mods


  • Keep ready two slides with kits and eight screws to mount.
  • Hold the slide holder on the vent and mark with pencil in the two holes to drill.
  • Next drill with screw on the marks.
  • Then hold together two kits and place the kits hole on the drilled hole.
  • Now fix it with a screw using a drill.
  • Similarly, fix the screw in the rest of the holes as well.
  • First insert the wide slide then narrow one behind it.

There are two links are available to buy Vent Slide or Vent Damper..

Masterbuilt 1050 Mods
Vent mod.
Masterbuilt 1050 Mods
Vent installation.
Masterbuilt 1050 Mods
Vent damper.

Mod 5: Masterbuilt 1050 manifold cover

You can also make your own by buying the goods.

Maybe you have to give time and a little effort.

But if you are not able to shop online then you have to take this step.

Easy to fix…

Just put the cover over the manifold…

Masterbuilt 1050 Mods
Manifold cover.

Mod 6: Masterbuilt 1050 griddle shroud insert

If you want to add a griddle shroud in your smoker please check out the given link below.

It’s easy to insert and use..

1050 Griddle Shroud

Steps to follow :

  • Remove your top two grates.
  • Then remove your manifold cover.
  • Now place griddle over the manifold.
Masterbuilt 1050 Mods
Griddle shroud.

Mod 7: Masterbuilt 1050 front shelf

  • Take the old shelf off and remove the screw.
  • Remove the screws and take off the plastic guard from the attached shelf holder (old one).
  • Get the new shelf lay on your workbench.
  • Keep the old shelf over the new shelf as shown in the image.
  • Pull the new one back and get the old one in there.
  • Fix both shelf with 8 self-tappers screws.
  • Attach the shelf below the handle or Masterbuilt name plate.
Masterbuilt 1050 Mods
Attach two shelf.
Masterbuilt 1050 Mods
Front shelf.

Mod 8: Masterbuilt 1050 hopper lid mods

You can apply lid shaped tin foils to prevent damage to the inside of the lid.

Or you can insert Hopper Cover Kit.

Masterbuilt 1050 Mods
Hopper cover.
Masterbuilt 1050 Mods
Hopper lid mod.

Mod 9: Replacing the Gasket

# How to replace the gasket on the Masterbuilt Gravity Series?


Silicon Tadpole Seal, P-Gasket 12 feet - for BBQ Smoker Door Gasket 7/16 x 15/16 Wide x 12' ft
  • ✅ 【7/16 INCH THICK】7/16" bulb, 7/8 OAW. 12 ft long 536F degree constant, retains shape
  • ✅ 【FLEXIBLE】Soft design, hollow core extruded silicon smoker gasket
  • ✅ 【EXCELLENT SMOKER SEAL】Perfect seal p-gasket, red color
  • ✅ 【HIGH QUALITY RED SILICON】 Installs with rtv adhesive or mechanically
  • ✅ 【HIGHEST TEMPERATURE】High temp gasket. Rated for use up to 532F (carbonizes at 932F)
#10 x 1/2'' Hex Washer Head Self-Drilling Tek Screw Zinc Plated Steel for Attaches Sheet Metal Steel or Steel to Metal - Box of 100
  • HIGH QUALITY ZINC PLATED STEEL: Made of 100% high quality durable steel with hard zinc plating, built to last years with no wear and tear
  • RUST RESISTANT: Zinc Plating provides an excellent corrosion resistant shell for a long lasting cost effective fastener
  • CONVENIENCE: Hex Washer Head Sheet Metal Screws are known to be convenient and versatile. Great to have while working with sheet metal environment. Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications
  • For use in Steel, Sheet Metal, and attaches Metal or Steel to Metal or Sheet Metal Steel. Installed with 5/16" Hex Driver
  • Amazon Protected Money-Back Satisfaction Guaranteed
J-B Weld 31314 High Temperature RTV Silicone Gasket Maker and Sealant - Red - 3 oz.
  • HI TEMP RED SILICONE GASKET MAKER & SEALANT: Is an RTV (Room Temperature Vulcanized) Silicone gasketing material, designed for use in mechanical assemblies where the existence of higher, continuous temperatures up to 550º F or 650º F intermittent might exist
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1/4 x 1" Fender Washers Type 316 Stainless Steel (Pack of 100) Marine Bolt Supply
  • ID = .28" OD = 1.0" Thickness = .045" Made of type 316 stainless steel
  • Superior Resistance to any rust or corrosion in basically any environment
  • An absolute must have for any salt water, pool or chemical applications

Steps to follow :

  • Remove the top lid from the hopper.
  • Take off the old seal out and also screw.
  • Measure before fitting the gasket; otherwise, you will face difficulty.
  • The shape of the lid is square, so you will need to drill on four side lips to hold the gasket.
  • Double drill in one side where the ends will join. 
  • On the other three sides will be a single hole to put screws.
    Also, use a given screw in their place.
  • Put the gasket all around the lip of the lid and at the same time attach it with a sheet metal screw to hold the gasket.
    (Gasket has an extra portion to attach with screw)
  • Join both ends of the gasket with Hi-Temp RTV sealant.
  • Use the tin foil to protect the gasket and underside of the lid.
Masterbuilt 1050 Mods
Gasket replacement.

Mod 10: How to fix a gasket on the firebox door?

Sometimes the gasket gets loose and comes out. You will have to take a little pain to fix or tighten it..

Steps to follow:

  1. Attach the gasket around the lids lip.
  2. Then put the silicone  between the gasket and lip.
  3. Let the silicone dry for a couple of days.
  4. After drying you can use the lid.
Masterbuilt 1050 Mods
Gasket on ash pan door.

Mod 11: How to add Rotisserie?

Steps to follow:

  • Inspect all parts which you have brought.
  • Pre assemble- Attach the rotisserie rod in prongs or meat claws.
  • Locate mounting holes
    • Take off the rotisserie plug from the grill wall with the provided spanner tool.
    • Mark in the opposite wall according to the height of the given hole so that the rod support can be added to it..
  • Mount motor
    • Fix the motor outside with a bracket..
    • Hold the motor outside with your left hand and attach the adapter through that hole from inside.
    • Then take the neck of the adapter and just tighten it up with a hand or spanner.
  • Mount rod support 
    • Keep in mind that the adapter and rod support hole should be equal.
    • Now aside we need to insert the rod support so attach the bracket opposite to the motor.
  • Insert the rotisserie rod and turn it on...
Masterbuilt 1050 mod

# Find all types of Masterbuilt 1050 Accessories here.

# Fan Troubleshooting for Masterbuilt 1050/560/800:


# Is the Masterbuilt 1050 worth it?

Yes, Masterbuilt 1050 is worth the price..

If you to get the performance of an old offset style smoker while quickly controlling the heat and temperature fast, then you are good to go..

# How do I turn off my Masterbuilt 1050?

To turn off Masterbuilt 1050

Follow these are steps:

  • Put off the power button.
  • Insert two slides or dividers which cut off all airflow to the charcoal.
  • Take off the power supply.

# How do I start my Masterbuilt 1050?

To start Masterbuilt 1050, do these:

  • Pour charcoal into the hopper and burn it using a starter and lighter..
  • Close the hopper lid and ash pan door.
  • Take off two slides.
  • Turn on temperature at 225 F.

# Is it possible to improve the flavor of the smoke by adding wood chips to the charcoal?

Yes, you can add chips to the charcoal chamber or to ash bucket to improve the flavor of the smoke..

# How long does a Masterbuilt 1050 hopper last?

The Masterbuilt 1050 Hopper runs for up to 8 hours depending on temperature.

# Conclusion

Take your grilling to the next level with these crucial Masterbuilt 1050 modifications. With these enhancements, you may achieve exact temperature control, maximize fuel efficiency, and open up new cooking options. Turn your Masterbuilt 1050 into a flavor and versatility powerhouse. With these game-changing improvements, you can upgrade your smoker and elevate your BBQ abilities. Don’t overlook these essential upgrades for the best grilling results..