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How to keep meat warm for hours ? August(2022), Easy way with quality.

How to keep meat warm for hours

A very common question people ask is How to keep Meat Warm for Hours? Yes there are various lots of different methods.But all I am going to share here are the methods which I personally prefer . And which works best in different scenarios. Find out which is best for your needs.. More topics we … Read more

4 Best Electric Smoker for Beginner | in August(2022) | Easy to use, Choice is yours

Best electric smoker for beginner

If you are looking for best electric smoker for beginner. Then you are right into the place. There are few electric smoker that are absolutely worth trying and best for newbies.. Here I have listed some of my favorites. Find out yours.Let’s get to the point… Topics that might help Smoking Turkey Breast in Electric … Read more

Oklahoma Joe vs Char-Griller (Longhorn vs Grand Champ), Best Overall?

Oklahoma Joe vs Char-Griller

Knowing the difference between Oklahoma Joe vs Char-Griller is important. Especially if you are planning to get one. Every smoker or grill has its flaws along with quality. Oklahoma Joe and Char-Griller are no different. I have tried my best to explain the differences among them. It is purely based on my experiences in using … Read more

Char Griller Gravity 980 Mods, Solution in Detail

Char Griller Gravity 980 Mods

Initially I struggled finding out a good resource for Char Griller Gravity 980 Mods. With some experiences in mods I thought I should put some solutions out here for people with similar concern. After all, my blog is all about the solutions and my experiences.  So here are my top Char Griller Gravity 980 Mods … Read more

4 Best Woods for Smoking Cheese | August(2022), Light Smoke, Flavored etc.

best woods for smoking cheese

Since you are looking for Best Woods for Smoking Cheese, let me tell you there are enough for you to try out. Apart from apple woods, Cherry woods etc. There are few others that are absolutely worth trying. Here I have listed some of my favorites. Apple Wood Cherry Wood Maple Wood Lilac Wood Let’s … Read more

How to Smoke a Turkey Breast in an Electric Smoker, Easy Steps, August(2022)

How to smoke a turkey breast

Here is my method on How to Smoke a Turkey Breast in an Electric Smoker. It’s very simple to smoke a turkey breast in an electric smoker. Usually, I use a mix of hickory and apple chips for turkey. It’s up to you, use your favorite flavor chips. A five-pound entire breast, including ribs, takes … Read more

Easy Steps on How to Smoke Salmon in a Smoker, 4 smokers, August(2022)

How to smoke salmon in a smoker

How to Smoke Salmon in a Smoker? It’s incredibly easy, nothing much is there. So I will be sharing some cool  ideas on smoking salmon in a smoker.  I have tried to answer all your queries. However if you still have questions feel free to provide feedback.. Recommended Reading:– The Best Salmon to Smoke.– Learn … Read more

3 Best Pellet Smoker For Cold Weather in August(2022), Guide

Image of best pellet smoker for cold weather.Char-Griller-E16620-Kamado

Finding the Best Pellet Smoker For Cold Weather can be difficult if you don’t know what you are upto. The problem with winter is that you can lose a lot of smoker heat if you are not careful with your purchase. Needless to say I have compiled few of my best recommendations. Also some important … Read more

Alder Wood for Smoking With Light Earthy And Woody Flavor, Guide in August(2022)

Feature image

Looking for Alder Wood for Smoking? You are right into the place. Alder wood has an awesome mild flavor. The smoke is delicate, subtle and slightly sweet for making food more delicious. Alder is the foremost smoke flavor in any grilling occasion. Especially if you are up to grilling fish. But most of all I … Read more