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Top 5 Pit Boss Accessories (Must have), June(2024)

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Or if you intend to buy a Pit Boss pellet grill or smoker and are searching for potential add-ons or modifications , these content should surely guide you through.

Here I have covered almost all different Pit Boss Model’s accessories and their use cases…

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Some useful Pit Boss Model Accessories to consider..

Pit Boss Accessories
Pit Boss Accessories.

# Common Pit Boss Accessories

#1 Shelf 

  • A nice advantage of the pit boss shelf is that you can also fold it and use the side shelf as a serving tray.
  • These shelves are of pretty good materials. These are available in the market according to different smoker models and sizes.
  • You will get two choices of colors that are also popular. These colors are black and silver..

# 2 Griddle  

  • Griddles are installed and used in some of the Pit Boss smokers. And there are also some single griddles like Blackstone griddle.
  • The surface of a griddle is flat and smooth which allows you to cook your favorite food in the easiest manner.
  • Griddle cleaning kits and cooking accessories are also readily available.
    So that you can cook many types of food at the same time…

# 3 Controller Replacement  

  • The replacement control boards for the Pit Boss come in a variety of models that support Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
  • This is a huge advantage to the Pit Boss Platinum series featuring Smoke IT with PID control.
  • Also the Pit Boss Legacy Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Controller may now add Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionality to Navigator Series grills.
    As a result, you can fully control the grill using the SmokeiT app on your smartphone.
  • Some controller boards are vertical and some fit into a rectangular shape to match the design of the grill…

Pit Boss accessories based on Different Models 

#1 Lexington 540 accessories

  • Grill Cover
    • This grill cover’s extra-strong construction makes it waterproof, fade-resistant, and difficult to damage.
    • It is easy to assemble and move because it includes strong fabric grips on both sides. 
    • This grill cover has a smooth fabric that is simple to clean. Just water is enough to clean it. Dry it well…
Grill Cover
Grill Cover
  • Temperature Probe 
    • You can enjoy a delightful barbecue. It gives your Pit Boss grill precise temperature readings.
    • This Temperature Probe is suitable with different smokers and grills..
    • It is more robust and waterproof because of the three-layer compression interface..                                                                                          
Pit Boss Temperature Probe
Pit Boss Temperature Probe.

#2 Pit Boss Vertical Smoker Accessories

  1. Meat Probe
    1. This meat probe is very handy and accurate for various temperature readings. So you can know what’s going on inside the grill.
    2. In terms of quality it is perfect..
Replacement Meat Probe
Replacement Meat Probe.
  1. Smoker Cover
    1. This water proof cover is made of sturdy material which protects your grill or smoker from a poor climate.
    2. The corner zipper makes it easier to cover and remove it from the smoker, which is its best feature.
      Velcro can endure powerful winds as well..
Vertical Smoker Cover
Vertical Smoker Cover.
  1. Grill Mat
    1. This rectangular grill mat is very sturdy and it doesn’t blow and fold with the wind either. I use this grill mat as well. 
    2. It is also very easy to clean this grill mat as no expensive detergent is required.
      It gets cleaned with soap and water only.
    3. Its size is large enough to prevent the spread of burnt ash and spilled food.
Grill Mat
Grill Mat.
  1. Cooking Grate Jerky Rack
    1. This jerky cooking rack is very strong as it is made from stainless steel. So it goes on for a long time.
    2. When it is warm, it is easier to clean and it doesn’t take much time.
Cooking Grate Jerky Rack Replacement Parts
Cooking Grate Jerky Rack Replacement Parts.
  1. Rib Racks
    1. This rib roasting rack is made of durable stainless steel that won’t rust and can hold up to 5 big ribs, so it lasts a long time.
    2. If you want to enjoy outdoor activities like camping, picnics, and grilling with baby back ribs, pork ribs, etc., this rack is ideal..
      Also you can use it for a different smoker or grill..
Stainless Steel Rib Rack
Stainless Steel Rib Rack.

3. Vertical Skewer Set

Vertical Skewer Set
Vertical Skewer Set

4. Pit Boss Pro Series 4-Series Vertical Wood Pellet Smoker Door Latch

Door Latch
Door Latch

#3 Kamado Pit Boss Accessories

  1. Rotisserie 
    1. It has an adjustable fork and sturdy motor with great balance that continuously rotates the rod and protects the meat’s natural juices..
    2. This Rotisserie can be used with a variety of grills, including
      XL Big Green Egg, vision ceramic grill, 24″ Weber kamado type grill, other round 18-inch charcoal grills and Kamado Joe Classic Joe series etc.
Rotisserie Grill Accessory
Rotisserie Grill Accessory.
  1. Grill Cover 
    1. Like other products from Pit Boss, this cover is highly sturdy and long-lasting.
      In any weather, it will keep your smoker safe since it is waterproof.
    2. This Water-resistant cover can be used for Kamado Joe Classic and Stand-Alone, Louisiana K22, Large Big Green Egg, Large Grill Dome, Coyote The Asado Cooker etc..
Kamado Grill Cover
Kamado Grill Cover.
  1. Grill Grate 
    1. This stainless steel cooking grill grate is ideal for a 20-inch charcoal grill such as the SCG195 also Akorn Kamado Ceramic Grill, Char-Griller 16620, Pit Boss K24, Louisiana Grills K24, and others. Some people also use it for bonfires with a single stove.
    2. Thick and robust material quality. What I like best about it is the hinged portion where you can add charcoal.
Stainless Steel Round Cooking Grill Grates
Stainless Steel Round Cooking Grill Grates.
  1. Charcoal Basket 
    1. This charcoal basket is absolutely perfect according to the material, size, weight and price.
    2. It has sturdy handles so lifting the basket out is so convenient, and sifting the ash is quite simple.
Stainless Steel Charcoal Basket
Stainless Steel Charcoal Basket.
  1. Temperature Controller 
    1. This portable unit saves fuel and performs well in slow cooking.
      It will keep your target temperature without frequent readjusting.
    2. The good thing about this unit is that you can operate them through a 12V solar, Charged battery.
    3. This Bluetooth is not WiFi enabled.
      Although the manufacturer claims that a WiFi variant will be available soon..

#4 Pit Boss side smoker attachment

#5 Pit Boss single burner tabletop griddle

1 Burner Gas Griddle
1 Burner Gas Griddle.
Source: BBQ Chef Rohan.

# In some models of Pit Boss smokers you can fit and remove the Extension hopper.

Available with 20lbs capacity-


# Is Pit Boss a good brand of grill?

The Pit Boss brand of barbecue is unquestionably good since the Pit Boss produces high-quality goods, and the cooking experience is much better than a normal grill.

If you are a beginner, it would be a good idea to start with Pit Boss’s affordable pellet grill...

# How long do pellets last in Pit Boss?

Typically, a 40lb bag of pellets can last for over 24 hours..

However, this will vary depending on the temperature, environment, and pellets you use..

# What pellets are best for Pit Boss?

Premium wood pellets are the best for Pit Boss since they have good output, flavor and don’t have any bark.

# Can you use Kingsford pellets in a Pit Boss?

Yes, you can use Kingsford pellets in a Pit Boss.
Exclusively, Kingsford 100% Natural Hardwood Blend Pellets perform exceptionally well in all pellet grills.

# Can you get a smoke ring with a pellet smoker?

Yes, a pellet smoker may give meat a good smoke ring.

The construction of the smoke ring is greatly influenced by the type of pellets used and the smoking temperature of the meat.

# How do I get more smoke flavor from my pellet grill?

Sometimes you do not get as much smoke from Pellet Grill as you need.
Although pellet grills usually produce a moderate amount of smoke, which is common for pellet grills. 

So, what should we do in such a situation, let us know…

  • First of all get to know your smoker properly and make sure you are using the right quality pellets.
  • You can’t get much smoke even with a high cooking temperature such as 300°F or higher.
  • You can use a pellet smoker tube to produce additional smoke.
  • To increase the amount of smoke, lower the temperature to 180°F.
  • You can use hardwood pellets because they burn more slowly than other types of wood pellets.
  • A bad pellet grill will not smoke much, so make sure your pellet grill’s RTD sensor works normally..

# Do pellet smokers dry out meat?

This cannot be said directly that Pellet Smokers Dry Out Meat but yes there may be in some situations but it does not mean that pellet smoker dries the meat.

From my own experience and that of all BBQ masters I have learned that the dryness of the meat depends on which pellet smoker you are using and the thickness of the meat.

If you are also going through this problem then definitely use a water pan.

# Why does meat turn pink when smoked?

Smoked meat turns pink due to myoglobin.

A protein kept in muscles is called myoglobin.

When myoglobin is combined with water and meat is smoked at a lower temperature for a longer amount of time, myoglobin doesn’t completely degrade and gives the meat a pink color.

# What is the RTD Sensor on a Pit Boss Grill?

The RTD sensor controls when the auger is activated to feed in additional pellets.

# Conclusion

In conclusion, the Pit Boss accessories suggested in this post improve your grilling and smoking experience. These additions provide comfort, toughness, and enhanced functionality, and range from grill covers to cooking implements and temperature probes. They offer a flawless fit and top performance when used with Pit Boss grills and smokers. With these high-quality accessories, you can up your grilling game…


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