Pit Boss Austin XL Mods, April(2024)


Here I have answered the majority of your questions about Pit Boss Austin XL Mods in this post..

Finding accurate information about the Mods has always been difficult for me.

Hence, I will share whatever I’ve learned and experienced about Austin XL Mods..

Dive in…;

Pit Boss Austin XL Mods
Pit Boss Austin XL Mods.

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Mod 1: Pit Boss Austin XL Thermometer Mod/upgrade

The Austin XL has an inbuilt thermometer which doesn’t show accurate temperature.
That’s why I took the decision to change the thermometer.

After doing some testing of the inbuilt thermometer, I decided to go for the Tel Tru thermometer.

Just remove the inbuilt thermometer and insert Tel Tru thermometer..

Mod 2: Probe Mod

You can insert Multiple probes simultaneously through into the grill..



  • Make a mark on the area you intend to cut.
  • Using a jigsaw, lengthen the hole.

Mod 3: Leakage Mod


 Gasket allows you to regulate temperatures and stop smoke loss.


  • Stick the gaskets around the grill’s barrel and lid edges.
Self stick gasket
Self stick gasket.

Smoke can also come out from the probe hole.

If the smoke is not stopping even from the grommet, then you can cover it with a magnet as well..

Mod 4: Sear Plate Handle Mod

The sear plate that Pit Boss provides can be opened to produce a strong flame.
The fire pot sits in the center under the sear plate. So, it’s difficult to remove the grate again and again..


  • To get direct and indirect flame, you have to remove the grates frequently..



  • Get a rod.


  • You have to add the rod with a middle sear plate.
  • Attach a handle to the rod for pulling and pushing.
Rod attached to sear plate
Rod attached to sear plate.
Rod on the sear plate.
Rod on the sear plate.

I am sharing a video for better understanding…

credit: This Grill Life.

Some smoke may leak when the handle is pushed and pulled from the hole.
Here’s one thing you can do, you can seal around the hole with a gasket.

Cover probe hole with gasket
Cover probe hole with gasket.

Mod 5: Griddle Mod

You can add a flat top griddle to your Pit Boss Austin XL.
As a result you can cook your favorite food which is cooked only on a griddle.

But you have to make a very small change in the pan to get its benefits..


  • When using this grill, the griddle slides around and slips, which makes it difficult to use. It gets a little crooked, so we can make a small adjustment..



  • Purchase some channel steel..


  • Create a bracket out of channel steel that each side may push against to elegantly stabilize the griddle..

    You can see in the image…
Make stable with bracket
Make the griddle stable with bracket.
Bracket to stabilize
Bracket to stabilize.
Use bracket to make stable
Use bracket to make stable.

You have to do one more amendment in griddle.
Griddle does not come with hole so you have to make a hole.


  • Make a hole in the corner of the pan so the oil from the grill can drain into the grease bucket.
Griddle hole
Griddle hole.

Mod 6: Mod with a Silicon Mat


  • Used tongs and spatulas leave a mess on the side shelf..



The silicone mat provides a great place to keep all those spatulas that get greasy.

When you’re done, you simply peel off the mat and wash it easily..

Silicone mat
Silicone mat.
Place Silicone mat on the tray or shelf
Place Silicone mat on the tray or shelf.

Mod 7: Pit Boss Austin XL Front Shelf Mod

Austin XL doesn’t come with a front shelf..

I would like to share here the front shelf which I have installed in my Pit Boss..

# Pit Boss Austin XL accessories.

  • Grill Mat: This has been a lifesaver for me. It not only protects the grill but also makes cleaning up so much easier..
  • Front Shelf: I can’t emphasize enough how handy this is. It provides that extra space for placing my utensils or prepping the meat.
  • Pit Boss Austin XL cover: Protecting my grill from the elements is crucial. This cover ensures my grill stays in top condition, rain or shine.
  • Pit Boss Foil Liners: These liners are a game-changer. They catch the drippings and make the cleanup process a breeze.
  • Heavy Duty Waterproof Cover: I got this as an extra layer of protection against heavy rain. It’s durable and ensures no water seeps through.
  • Replacement Meat Probe: It’s always good to have a backup. This probe ensures I get accurate temperature readings every time.
  • High Heat Gasket: This gasket is essential for maintaining the right temperature inside the grill. It prevents heat loss and ensures even cooking.
  • Grates: A good set of grates is essential for those perfect grill marks. They also ensure even heat distribution.
  • Cast Iron Griddle: I love using this for breakfast items. It’s perfect for pancakes, bacon, and even eggs.

# Conclusion

In conclusion, the Pit Boss Austin XL is a flexible and capable smoker, but its performance can be improved with a few modifications. These alterations can elevate your smoking experience, from fitting gasket seals for improved heat retention to adding a pellet dump mechanism for simpler cleanup. Put your own preferences and demands into the design of your Pit Boss Austin XL to get even greater outcomes with your favorite smoked foods. With these modifications, you can improve your smoker and up your barbecue skills..