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Easy Oklahoma Joe Longhorn Combo Mods July(2024)

Here I have explained about Oklahoma Joe Longhorn Combo Mods.

I have covered some queries here…

Also I have explained how to use and season Oklahoma Joe Longhorn Combo.

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Oklahoma Joe Longhorn Combo Mods

# How to prevent smoke from escaping the smoke pit?



  1. Selecting the appropriate material and gasket..
    1. Select the quality gasket to seal the gap. Here I am using a LavaLock seal gasket.
  2. Sized for tight fit.
    1. Measure the place where the gasket is to be pasted.
      So that the gasket is not big or small and be fixed tightly…
  3. Use the proper equipment to quickly and easily cut and fit the gasket.
    1. Use right tool to cut the gasket.


  • First of all clean the place where the gasket will be pasted. So that it gets stick properly.
  • Place the gasket and measure how long you need.
  • Then cut the gasket accurately.
  • Now remove or separate the cover or layer of the gasket.
  • Then paste the gasket gently.
Removing gasket layer.
Removing gasket layer.
Gasket on the firebox chamber.
Gasket on the firebox chamber.

So, you can start pasting from the left cooking chamber or as you wish…
Similarly, at every place from where smoke is leaking, you can save the smoke by applying a gasket.

We can’t use gaskets everywhere like inside the smoker.

We will use silicone sealant to cover the internal gaps.



  • Put on your globs.
  • Apply silicone sealant to the inner gap and the outer joint.
Silicone sealant on the joint
Silicone sealant on the joint

# How to season Oklahoma Joe Longhorn Combo?

I will teach the how to season in two parts..

Here are steps to season the Oklahoma Joe Longhorn Combo.
Steps to follow

At the first season the gas section of the grill..

  • Empty the combo grill
    • Remove all the components from your grill.
  • Apply a thin layer of vegetable oil to all the steel surfaces, including the grates.
    • Take a paper towel or clean rag and deep in vegetable oil.
    • Then, oiled down or coat the inside of the grill with oil.
    • Next, apply oil on the grates..
Oiling interior of the grill using paper towel and veg oil
Oiling interior of the grill using paper towel and veg oil
Apply oil in all the grates.
Apply oil in all the grates.
  • Curing process
    • Place all the grates inside the grill.
    • Light the grill 
    • Turn it up about 3 quarters and let it heat up.
    • Close the lid.
Seasoning charcoal and smoke chamber
Seasoning charcoal and smoke chamber
  • You will heat it up for the final portion of two hours at high heat.
    • Bring the temperature to 500 and keep it at this temperature for two hours.
  • Now you turn the heat all the way up and start smoking.
    • Adjust the temperature to 500. Means bring down a little.
    • Let the oil smoke out.
    • Means let the oil bake at 500 degree temperature.
    • Let the grill run like this for some time until the second process of curing is ready.
    • Till now you have learned the seasoning of the gas section.

Season the charcoal and smoker sections of the grill…

Seasoning charcoal and smoke chamber
Seasoning charcoal and smoke chamber
  • Apply vegetable oil
    • Apply oil inside the chamber and the grates with a clean rag or paper towel.
    • After oiling put the grates in both the chambers..
Apply oil on the cooking grate
Apply oil on the cooking grate
Apply oil on the charcoal grate
Apply oil on the charcoal grate
  • It’s time to turn up the heat now.
    • Put some charcoal in both the pans on both sides and put inside the grill.
    • Burn charcoal in both chambers.
    • Leave both the lids open till they turn gray and then close it.
Burn the charcoal on both chamber
Burn the charcoal on both chamber
  • Adjust the vent of the grill.
    • Adjust the vent after 50% charcoal is burnt.
    • Keep the lid of the grill closed.
    • Open the smoker’s bottom vent 25% and then the top exhaust 25%.
    • Let it cook for about two hours.
    • Put more charcoal and With a small fire let heat it for two hours..
  • Now the second round will start.
  • Build a big fire
    • Let the old charcoal and fire die out completely.
    • Again add more charcoal and light them.
    • Close the lid.
    • Open the smoker’s bottom vent and the top exhaust 50%.
    • Let the temperature rise.
    • Let this continue until you see a temperature drop.
    • Now it is ready to smoke and grill.

# Accessories & Parts of Oklahoma Joe Longhorn 3 in 1.

# How do you clean an Oklahoma Joe Longhorn combo grill?

Here we learn how to keep maintain and clean the Oklahoma Joe Longhorn combo grill..

How to maintain the Oklahoma Joe Longhorn combo grill?

  1. After every use, remove the ashes. Ash retains moisture and can produce byproducts that cause rusting. Allow the ashes to completely cool, then sweep them up and put them in a sealed metal bucket for disposal.
  2. Remove any sauces or marinades that have spilled on the surfaces using a warm, wet towel.
  3. Brush the grates with a nylon bristle brush before and after use.
  4. If the damp towel and bristle brush don’t get the grease or bits of food off the cooking chamber, you can scrape with a 4″ putty knife.
  5. Scrub rusted areas with steel wool and re-season with high-temperature cooking oil..

# How do you use the Oklahoma Longhorn combo?

If you are cooking for two or three people then only one of these chambers is perfect but if you are cooking for a large family member or group of friends then you can use all the cooking chambers of this grill at a time..

  1. Open up all these smoke or cook chambers.
  2. Put charcoal in the firebox to use this as a charcoal grill.
  3. You can use the cooking grates in the firebox to cook your food.
  4. You can use the side burner to light charcoal.
  5. To operate both the gas grill and the charcoal grill at the same time, you can set up two distinct temperature zones.
  6. If you are using charcoal also, do not forget to add more charcoal to it even if you are adjusting different temperature zones. Because we want flavor with heat.
  7. For the reverse sear you can use its side burner. It’s sized perfectly for stock  pots and skillets.
  8. This gives you the versatility to do a wide variety of foods on a wide variety of products without bothering you.

# What are the dimensions of the Oklahoma Joe Longhorn combo?

The dimensions of the Oklahoma Joe Longhorn combo are 31.5 x 74 x 50.6 inches.

Know the complete features of Oklahoma from the quick overview below.

Char-Broil Oklahoma Joe’s Charcoal/LP Gas/Smoker Combo..

# What is the model number for Oklahoma Joe Longhorn?

The model number for Oklahoma Joe Longhorn combo is 15202029.

# Conclusion

The simple Oklahoma Joe Longhorn Combo modifications covered in this article, in sum, are game-changers for maximizing the performance and adaptability of your smoker..

These tweaks, which range from changing the airflow to adding insulation, enable better temperature regulation, improved smoke movement, and increased fuel efficiency.

You may improve your smoking experience and get amazing results by putting these easy-to-use mods into practice..

These adjustments will enable you to attain ideal cooking conditions and release the full potential of your Oklahoma Joe Longhorn Combo smoker, whether you’re smoking ribs, brisket, or chicken. Improve your smoking skills with these quick and effective modifications..


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