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Top 3 Oklahoma Joe’s 3 in 1 Grill Mods, Dec(2021), Easy and to the point.

Here I have explained most of your queries about Oklahoma Joe’s 3 in 1 Grill Modifications . I have always struggled to find proper information on the Mods. 

Therefore, whatever from my experiences in doing and learning about the  Mods , I have tried to share the best of helpful information. 

I have tried to cover some common queries  like Using Baffle plate,Using Thermometer gauge,Using Self Stick Gasket and RTV sealant,How to season Oklahoma Joe’s 3 in 1 GrillAccessories etc. I surely hope it solves your problem .

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Oklahoma Joe’s 3 in 1 Grill Modifications 

Mod 1: Using Baffle plate

This modification helped me a lot. I hope it will help you too.Baffle plate has to be combined with some parts. Let’s see the steps.


Steps to follow: 

  • Get a Baffle plate.
    Two triangles come with baffle plates which look similar but they both are different sizes.
  • You will need a 7/16 wrench
  • Keep the plate upright while fixing the triangle.
  • Now you will attach the first one triangle on the up side of the plates using a wrench and bolt.
  • Then flip the plate and fix the other triangle and tighten up with a wrench and bolt.
  • Now the assembled baffle plate is ready to place in the grill.
Oklahoma Joe's 3 in 1 Grill Modifications
Baffle Plate

Mod 2: Using Thermometer gauge

If your factory Oklahoma joke thermometer gauge is not showing accurate temperature then you can add a Lava lock thermometer gauge.


Steps to follow:

Oklahoma Joe's 3 in 1 Grill Modifications
Thermometer gauge

Mod 3: Using Self Stick Gasket and RTV sealant

I close every joint or gaps on the grill to stop smoke out of the grill. If you also want to stop the smoke then first clean the grill then use a gasket or silicone. It’s too easy to put it. 


Steps to follow:

  • Turn on your grill and check the leakage. After that go for a gasket.
  • Stick the gasket all around the fire box
    You can see in the image and paste it in your grill.
Oklahoma Joe's 3 in 1 Grill Modifications
Using gasket in gape

You can not use a self stick strip on the exhaust stack so you have to put RTV sealant all around the joint.

Oklahoma Joe's 3 in 1 Grill Modifications
Silicone sealant on smokestack

How to season Oklahoma Joe’s 3 in 1 Grill?


Steps to follow:

Gas section seasoning:

  • Take out all the components from the inside.
  • Get some vegetable oil
  • Wipe the interior surface also lid with oil and a paper towel.
  • Then lightly coat both sides of the grate.
  • Turn your grill on about 3/4
  • Leave it for two hours at high heat.
  • Close the lid.
  • Bring a temperature range 400 to 500 and let sit for two hours.
  • Now you should bring down the temperature from 500.
Oklahoma Joe's 3 in 1 Grill Modifications

Charcoal and smoker sections seasoning:

  • Pull out all the components.
  • Give a light coating with vegetable oil and a paper towel all along the inside metal surfaces.
  • Put back all the grates.
  • Wipe both sides of the grates with oil.
  • After everything is oiled up  on the charcoal and the smoker sections add some charcoal to both pans and put them on both sides.
  • Make a small fire.
  • When the charcoal gets fifty percent gray you should close the lid.
  • Open 25% exhaust and bottom vent of the smoker.
  • Let cook for about two hours.
  • Now you have to add some more charcoal in the charcoal section for a big fire.
  • Close the lid.
  • Keep the vent and exhaust half open.
  • After reaching 500 degrees let cool down.



How do you modify an Oklahoma Joe smoker?

You can easily modify Oklahoma Joe Smoker by using Gaskets , Latch locks and some sealant.etc. For Oklahoma Joe Highland Smoker Mods check here.

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