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4 Essential Char Griller Grand Champ XD Mods: Transform Your Grilling Experience! May(2024)

In this guide, I’ll address many of the questions you might have about Char-Griller Grand Champ XD mods..

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Char Griller Grand Champ XD
Char Griller Grand Champ XD.

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Char Griller Grand Champ XD Mods

Mod 1: Mastering the Use of Temp Gauge


Steps to follow:

  • Start by acquiring the Lava Lock temperature gauges.
  • Carefully remove the nuts from both sides.
  • Gently insert the Lava Lock temperature gauges into the designated hole.
  • Secure it in place using the washer.
Char Griller Grand Champ XD Mods
Temp Gauge Installing.

Mod 2: Using Gasket 


Your grill or smoker should be thoroughly inspected before making any smoke related modifications, So you can know where the smoke is leaking from and estimate how many gaskets you need…

Steps to follow:

  • Acquire the BBQ Smoker Gasket.
  • Measure the areas where you intend to place the gasket, focusing on the lid and lips of the firebox.
  • Apply the gasket around the edges of the cooking chamber.
  • Ensure it’s securely pasted on all four edges of the cooking barrel.
  • Finally, apply the gasket around the entire lip of the lid for a complete seal.
Char Griller Grand Champ XD Mods
Using gasket to avoid leakage.
Char Griller Grand Champ XD Mods
Gasket on Firebox.

Mod 3: Sealing the Joints


While self-stick gaskets are handy, they aren’t suitable for every part of your grill, especially areas like the center of the firebox, cooking chamber, or the joint of the smokestack. That’s where our trusty silicone sealant comes into play..

Steps to follow:  

  • Begin by cleaning the area you’re targeting for the application. A clean surface ensures better adhesion..
  • Always prioritize safety. Wear protective gloves before handling the silicone.
  • Take a modest amount of the Lava Lock Silicone on your fingertip.
  • Carefully apply the silicone to the joint between the cooking chamber and the firebox, ensuring a thorough seal.
  • Proceed to apply the silicone where the smokestack connects to the cooking chamber.
  • Don’t forget areas where traditional self-stick gaskets might not be effective, even if it means going inside the cooking chamber.
Char Griller Grand Champ XD Mods
Sealing the joints.

Mod 4: Installing Probe Grommets for Accurate Temperature Readings.


Probe wires can sometimes be the culprit behind temperature fluctuations, allowing smoke and heat to escape even when the cooking chamber door is firmly shut. This modification ensures a consistent temperature, enhancing your grilling experience..

Steps to follow:

  • Start by measuring and marking the spot for insertion. Aim for a location 3 inches from the edge and 2 inches above the end of that 3-inch mark.
  • Drill pilot holes at the marked spots on each side of the cooking chamber.
  • Using the Titanium 1 1/4 drill bit, enlarge the pilot holes to the desired size.
  • Securely fit the probe grommet into the drilled holes on both sides, ensuring a snug fit..
Char Griller Grand Champ XD Mods
Measure and mark.
Sealing the joints
Installing probe grommets.

# How to Expertly Season Your Char-Griller Grand Champ XD?

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Preparation: Begin by removing all interior components, including the ash pan, racks, damper, and any other removable parts..
  2. Oil Application: Using an aerosol spray, evenly coat the inside of the chamber, the grate, and the lid with oil.
  3. Let it Settle: Allow some time for the oil to settle and for any excess to drip.
  4. Wipe Excess Oil: Using an old cloth or towel, gently wipe away any dripped oil to ensure an even coat.
  5. Reassemble: Once the oil has settled, place all the components back inside the chamber.
  6. Ignite: Build a fire and let the smoke start rolling.
  7. Seal the Heat: Close the lids to trap the heat and smoke inside.
  8. Maintain Temperature: Ensure the temperature remains steady between 250-300°F.
  9. Clean Up: After a few hours, clean off any excess oil coating that you initially sprayed.
  10. Repeat: Continue this seasoning cycle every three hours.
  11. Ready to Grill: After roughly eight hours of seasoning, your Char-Griller Grand Champ XD will be primed and ready for cooking..

# Must-Have Accessories for Your Char-Griller Grand Champ XD

  1. Char-Griller XD Grand Champ Cover: Protect your grill from the elements and ensure its longevity with this custom-fit cover.
  2. Char-Griller Grand Champ XD Thermometer: Achieve precise temperature readings and perfect your grilling game with this essential thermometer.
  3. Lava Lock Gasket: Ensure a tight seal, prevent smoke leaks, and maintain consistent temperatures with this high-quality gasket..

Frequently Asked Questions

# Can I use Char Griller Grand Champ XD as a charcoal grill?

Absolutely! The Char-Griller Grand Champ XD is versatile and can be used as a charcoal grill..

# Is canola oil suitable for seasoning the Char-Griller Grand Champ XD?

Yes, canola oil is a great choice for seasoning the Char-Griller Grand Champ XD..

# How thick is the Char-Griller Grand Champ XD?

The Char-Griller Grand Champ XD boasts a robust construction with a heavy-duty steel that’s eight of an inch thick.

# How reputable is the Char-Griller brand?

Char-Griller is a highly regarded brand in the grilling industry. With decades of experience, they’ve introduced several popular products, including the Char-Griller Grand Champ XD and the Char-Griller 980 Gravity smoker..

# Conclusion

In conclusion, these Char Griller Grand Champ XD upgrades can completely change the way you grill. With these changes, you may improve temperature regulation, airflow, and cooking capacity. Improve your grilling skills to easily reach expert-level outcomes. Upgrade your Char Griller Grand Champ XD to bring out its full potential and wow your guests with delectable meals that are grilled to perfection. With these Char Griller Grand Champ XD must-have upgrades, you can elevate your outdoor cooking to new heights…


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