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4 Effective Char Griller Grand Champ XD Mods, May(2022), Easy and to the point.

Here I have explained most of your queries about Char Griller Grand Champ XD Mods. I have always struggled to find proper information on the Mods. 

Therefore, whatever from my experiences in doing and learning about the Mods, I have tried to share the best of helpful information. 

I have tried to cover some common queries  like Using Temp gauge, Using Gasket, Sealing the joints, Using probe grommets, How to season a Char Griller Grand Champ XD, Accessories etc.

I surely hope it solves your problem..

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Char Griller Grand Champ XD Mods

Mod 1: Using Temp gauge


Steps to follow:

  • Get the lava lock temperature gauges.
  • Take off both sides nuts.
  • Insert the lava lock temperature gauges through the hole.
  • Fix with washer.
Char Griller Grand Champ XD Mods
Temp Gauge Installing

Mod 2: Using Gasket 


Your grill or smoker should be thoroughly inspected before making any smoke related modifications so that you know where the smoke is leaking from and can estimate how many gaskets you need.

Steps to follow:

  • Get the gasket.
  • Take the measurement of the place where you are going to put it. Put on the lid and lips of the fire box.
  • Then put all around the cooking chamber edges.
  • Then paste it on the four edges of the cooking barrel.
  • Similarly you have to paste on all around the lids lip.
Char Griller Grand Champ XD Mods
Using gasket to avoid leakage
Char Griller Grand Champ XD Mods
Gasket on Firebox

Mod 3: Sealing the joints


You cannot paste a self stick gasket everywhere like the middle part of the firebox and cooking chamber. And not even in the smokestack joint.
So here is a small modification with silicone sealant to seal the joint.

Steps to follow:  

  • Clean that place where you are going to apply.
  • Wear your hand gloves.
  • Take a little amount of silicone on your finger and put it in the joint of the cooking chamber and the firebox. 
    In this way, apply the silicone in the whole joint of that area.
  • Next you have to put where the smokestack joins into the cooking chamber.
  • And finally the ones where self stick gaskets can’t be installed.
  • Maybe it could even be inside the cooking chamber.
Char Griller Grand Champ XD Mods
Sealing the joints

Mod 4: Using probe grommets


There might be a chancess of smoke and temperature leaking due to the probe wire, even if the cooking chamber door is closed.
This modification prevents the temperature from dropping.

Steps to follow:

  • Measure and mark where you are going to insert.
    It should be 3 inches in from the edge and 2 inches above where the three inches ends.
  • Drill holes into each side of the cooking chamber where you marked.
  • First you will drill the pilot hole and then use a big drill bit. Size 1 1 4 drill bit.
  • Fix the grommet on both sides.
Char Griller Grand Champ XD Mods
Measure and mark
Sealing the joints
Installing probe grommets

How to season a Char Griller Grand Champ XD ?

Steps to follow:

  • Take out all the interior parts that’s the ash pan, racks, damper etc.
  • Spray preferably with an aerosol inside the chamber, on the grate and lid.
  • Give it some time for the oil to settle and drip once.
  • Then wipe the drippage with an old cloth towel.
  • After some time, keep back all the components inside the chamber.
  • Build fire and let smoke rolling.
  • Close the lids.
  • keep the temperatures down at 250-300.
  • Clean the coating of the oil that you sprayed. 
  • Repeat that cycle every three hour. 
  • After about eight hours of prepping, the grill is gonna be ready to cook.



Can I use Char Griller Grand Champ XD as a charcoal grill?

Yes you can use it as a charcoal grill.

Can I use canola oil to season Char Griller Grand Champ XD?

Yes you can.

What is the thickness of Char Griller Grand Champ XD?

It is a heavy duty eight of an inch thick steel.

Is Char Griller a good grill brand?

Yes. Char Griller is a good brand.

They have been in the industry for decades . And they have some products which are very popular too for eg: – Chargriller Grand Champ XD, Char Griller 980 Gravity smoker etc.

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