Char Griller Gravity 980 Mods, Feb(2024)

Char Griller Gravity 980 Mods

Initially I struggled finding out a good resource for Char Griller Gravity 980 Mods.

With some experiences in mods I thought I should put some solutions out here for people with similar concern.

After all, my blog is all about the solutions and my experiences.. 

So, here are my top Char Griller Gravity 980 Mods that worked charm. 

And it is still one of my best attempts at modifications..

I have shared solutions for common issues, such as,

Hope it helps you in the same way…

Let’s begin….,

Char Griller Gravity 980
Char Griller Gravity 980.

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Char Griller Gravity 980 Mods

Mod 1 :Diffuser Modification.

# How to Modify a Diffuser?


Steps to follow:

Step 1: Remove the diffuser from your griller and place it on the table.

Step 2: Take a sheet slightly larger than the size of the diffuser so that it is easier to wrap.

Char Griller Gravity 980 Mods
Diffuser and Foil.

Step 3: Keep diffuser on the foil.

Step 4: The bottom side of the diffuser should be up.

Step 5: Wrap around the diffuser with a sheet.

Char Griller Gravity 980 Mods
Wrap the Diffuser.

Step 6: After wrapping, flip up the wrapped diffuser.

Step 7: Get a good press down with your both palms.

Step 8: Take a knife and cut into each of these slits.

Step 9: Now your Diffuser is ready to place in the cooking chamber.

Char Griller Gravity 980 Mods
Modified Diffuser.

Step 10: If you are going to sear something, you can take the foil off.

Mod 2 : Sealing the Hopper.

# How to seal up the Charcoal Hopper on the Gravity Series Char-Griller?

Equipment :

Steps to follow:

Step 1: Cut the gasket with a scissor according to the hopper top size..

Step 2: Open the hopper lid and put gasket material around the hopper with the help of Hi-Temp RTV..

Char Griller Gravity 980 Mods
Sealing with Gasket.

Mod 3 : Adding a Rotisserie.

# How to add a Rotisserie?


You can use a universal rotisserie or char griller 980 rotisserie.

Both are fine…

Steps to follow: 

Step 1: Mark the places where you make holes on your grill..

Char Griller Gravity 980 Mods
Mark before drill.

Step 2: Drill both sides near the grate holder to fix the brackets.

Step 3: Fix the bracket near the right grate holder with a sheet metal screw.

Char Griller Gravity 980 Mods

Step 4: Next, the motor mounting bracket will mount on the left side of the smoker near the side table.

Step 5: Drill one more hole to hold the rotisserie according to the motor mounting bracket hole.

Char Griller Gravity 980 Mods
Hole for Rotisserie.

Step 6: Measure from the motor mounting bracket to the opposite side where the other bracket is located.

So, that you can know what the length of the rotisserie should be..

Step 7: Fix the thumbscrew with rotisserie to attach on the right side bracket.

Step 8: Attach the rotisserie with the motor through the bracket hole and fix the rest of the end with the right side bracket.

Char Griller Gravity 980 Mods
Attached Rotisserie with motor.

Mod 4 : Adding a Temp Gauge.

# How to add a Temp Gauge?


It’s incredibly simple…

Steps to follow:

Step 1: Mark those places at the same distance from the “char-griller” sticker located on the top of the lid.

Char Griller Gravity 980 Mods
Drilling to fix the Gauge.

Step 2: Drill on the two marks.

Char Griller Gravity 980 Mods
Fixing two Gauge.

Step 3: Fix the temp gauge.

Char Griller Gravity 980 Mods
Fixed Gauge.

Mod 5: Char Griller 980 Fan flap replacement.

Fan flap issue is very common in char griller 980.

It is usually between the firebox and cook chamber.

Made up of rubber it does not hold up to heat very well.

Here is a quick image showing the flapper..

# Find all types of Accessories here.

  • Meat Probe: This has been a game-changer for me. It ensures that my meats are cooked to perfection every time.
  • Extreme Heat Resistant BBQ Gloves: Safety first! These gloves protect my hands from extreme temperatures, allowing me to handle hot grates and pans with ease.
  • Fish & Vegetable Smoking Mat: If you love smoked fish or veggies as much as I do, this mat is essential. It prevents delicate foods from sticking or falling through the grates.
  • Fire Starter: A reliable fire starter is crucial for quick and even ignition of charcoal. It’s a time-saver and ensures consistent heat.
  • Meat Thermometers: Apart from the meat probe, having a couple of these on hand helps in monitoring different cuts of meat simultaneously.
  • Upgraded Fan Replacement: Enhancing airflow is key for temperature control. An upgraded fan ensures consistent and efficient burning.
  • On/off switch Replacement Part: It’s always good to have a spare. This ensures that I can quickly replace it if the original one malfunctions, ensuring uninterrupted grilling sessions.


# How to Burn-in and Season Char-griller 980?

  • Take off all the racks and diffuser and spray canola oil or any cooking oil inside the grill..
  • You can coat the metal surfaces inside of the grill and drip tray.
  • Keep back racks and all and spray on them.
  • Close the lid of your grill.
  • Poor charcoal in the hopper and open the lid for airflow.
  • Open the fan cover door and ash cleanout door.
  • Remove the damper and open the back vent.
  • Get on fire with starters or paper towels.
  • Close the hopper lid after 5 minutes or when you see the smoke billowing from the hopper. And also close the ash cleanout door.
  • Press your power button, turn it on, and set the temperature at 345F for 30 to 90 minutes.
  • Turn on the turbo button..
  • After the procedure unplugged your grill.
  • Close the fingerboard and keep back the damper.

# Why is the Char-Griller 980 Gravity better?

Char-Griller 980 Gravity is better because it is easy to use, you can set your desired temperature and let it..

The onboard digital controller, automatic fan, and char griller app does the rest of the process.

Also, it is designed to maximize fuel efficiency.

The insulated grill’s body and the charcoal hopper provide consistent heat and temp.

Char-Griller 980 is durable and lasts longer.

# What to do for extra smoke on Char-Griller 980?

In order to get an extra smoker in Char-Griller 980, take pieces of wood chunks and keep those in the ash pan.

The little bits of coal and ash will fall from inside the firebox, and they slowly ignite the chunks and produce smoke..

This way, you will get extra smoke..

Alternatively, you can put straight to the charcoal hopper in stages, such as a small amount of charcoal first, followed by a small amount of wood chunk.

You can do this as many times as you like…

# How do I connect my Char-Griller 980 to WIFI?

To connect your Char-Griller 980 to wifi :
1) Download the Char-Griller app
2) Select Bluetooth or wi-fi from the setting page. Then,
3) Enter the controller’s code..

# Why should I modify a diffuser of char-griller 980?

You should modify a diffuser of chargriller 980 because :

  1. It can control the temperature and it doesn’t affect your unevenness of cooking.
  2. It will be easier to smoke, grill and barbecue.
  3. Catch some foodstuff or sauce in the bottom of the grill and more..

# Can the Char Griller Gravity 980 be kept in the open?

Yes, you can take it out but you should keep the grill covered to protect the grill from rust and damage to the grill.

# Can I sear on a Char Griller Gravity 980?

Yes, you can sear on a Char Griller Gravity 980 Grill..

# Can I use wood in a Char Griller 980 smoker?

Yes, wood and charcoal can be used together.

For a natural smoke flavor, wood can be added.

# Where do I purchase Char Griller 980 rotisserie?

You can buy Char Griller 980 rotisserie from here..

# Conclusion

Final thoughts: With these suggested modifications, the Char Griller Gravity 980 gives a lot of opportunity for customization and improvement. You may improve the functionality and adaptability of your Char Griller Gravity 980 by putting these modifications into practice, which will elevate your grilling and smoking experience. These modifications will enable you to use the full potential of your Char Griller Gravity 980 smoker, whether your goals are enhanced temperature control, higher airflow, or improved convenience..