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Gravity Fed Smoker, Everything You Need to Know !

There are different ways people try to explain Gravity Fed Smoker.

But I am going to make it very straight and easy for you.

So, what I am trying to do here is trying to answer every important topics and queries about this quite a unique smoker concept in the market.

Gravity Fed Smokers are Smart, Easy and even used by professionals in competition.

However you don’t have to be a pitmaster to use it.
It is also very common among home enthusiasts.

Let’s learn about Gravity smokers one by one.

Gravity Fed Smoker
Gravity Fed Smoker.

Learning about Gravity Fed Smoker

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#1 What is a Gravity Fed Smoker ?

Gravity Fed Smoker is a unique kind of smoker which uses the power of gravity to control the smoker.


Let me break down…

When we say gravity we think of something that is either lifted up ( zero gravity ) or something being pulled down towards earth.

So, here we are focussing on gravity as a pulling force.

What gravity fed smoker does is that it automatically releases the charcoal heat to maintain the temperature.
All these heat control without the need for constant checks.

Don’t worry.. you will know more in the working section.

Another cool thing about Gravity fed smoker is that the start time is very quick.
For example. I can come home and get ready the smoker for cooking in just 15-20 minutes.

Personally for me, this is super useful in a sense when time is a constraint..

In this way even the week days can be fun and I don’t have to wait for weekends or holidays to smoke the next deal.

It’s Working

#2 How does a Gravity Fed Smoker Work?

Like I mentioned earlier, Gravity Fed Smoker works very differently than other smokers.

Lets see exactly how it does it.
– The charcoal is fed to the Hopper ( Place where we put the fuel )
– The design is such that the charcoal is pull down automatically.
– While now, there is a fan which is constantly blowing air to the charcoal ( assuming it is light up).
Fan is intelligently controlled through controller unit ( using software algorithms) .
– So the combination of charcoal being pulled down and the fan speed being controlled automatically makes this a beast in all the smokers.
– You just set it and forget it.

Gravity Fed Smoker Working Image
Gravity Fed Smoker Working Image.

I know the drawings are awesome.. !!.. Don’t focus much on that now.

But you get the idea.

Do you see it its similarity to offset smokers especially the way the smoke moves from hopper to the cooking chamber?

That’s the reason why sometimes I like to call this smoker as Intelligent Offset Smokers.

As you know offset smokers are pain for most people.

So in fact this is a great smoker alternative for those who wants the ability of offset smokers but do not want the hassle of its fire management.

The example shown above is of Masterbuilt Gravity Series.

#3 Is there any difference between Gravity Fed Smoker and Gravity Smoker?

No. Both Gravity Fed Smoker and Gravity Smoker means the same thing.
Both the terms are used interchangeably.

Choosing the right Gravity Fed Smokers.

#4 Top Gravity Smokers.

When we say top gravity smokers it can mean different to different people.

If you are into a value for money product then Masterbuilt produces one of the Best Gravity Fed Smokers . Known as Masterbuilt Gravity Series (1050, 800 and 560).

There are other top gravity smokers too from Char Griller, Myron Mixon smoker etc.

#5 Gravity Fed Smoker Brands

Here is a list of brands which are known for making gravity fed smokers.
Myron Mixon
Char griller
– Old Country
– Stump Smokers.

#6 How to Start or Light a Gravity Fed Smoker ?

Method 1 :

The easiest and common option to start a gravity fed smoker is by using a weed burner.
I started with it.

How I use the Weed burner?
I keep the flame to the lowest as possible, and put it under the coals.
Slowly it will start to burn with the coals.
Leave it for 10 to 15 minutes and you will be ready.
Alternatively you can also use a propane torch instead of weed burner. It almost has the same result.

Method 2 :
You can use 2 to 3 Weber Cubes.

Start by filling the chute with the charcoal and then put these Weber cubes underneath the grate.

Keep the cubed on a wood chunk little closer to the grate.

This should also help you light a gravity smoker easily.


#7 How do you season a Gravity Fed Smoker ?

Seasoning a Gravity Fed Smoker is easy.
Although there might be slight variation with different smoker brands..
Here you can see some examples on how it is done for Masterbuilt Gravity Smokers.
Credit : Wilder’s Smokin BBQ

Video showing how to season a gravity smoker.


# Where to buy Old Country Gravity Fed Smoker?

You can buy Old Country Gravity Fed Smoker from However you should know that this product is mostly out of stock and you may have to wait.
This is a common problem when it comes to purchasing Old country Gravity Fed Smoker.

# Is it possible to use wood on a Gravity Fed Smoker?

Yes, you can use wood on a Gravity Fed Smoker.

The wood will help impart a delicious smoky flavor to your meat.

Plus it doesn’t cause any harm to the hopper.

# Conclusion

In summary, the gravity-fed smoker is a flexible and effective smoking equipment that provides great temperature control and lengthy smoking times.

It guarantees even heat distribution, juicy, tasty outcomes, and cutting-edge innovations like the water pan system and gravity-fed charcoal chute.

Understanding the basics and advantages of the gravity-fed smoker can make it easier for you to produce exceptional smoked foods, whether you’re a novice or experienced pitmaster.

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