What are the Best Wood Chips for Smoking? April(2024)

What-are-the-Best-Wood-Chips-for-Smoking_Featured Image
What-are-the-Best-Wood-Chips-for-Smoking_Featured Image

What are the best Wood Chips for smoking?

Here I have explained the best wood chips for outdoor and indoor cooking.

Here I have selected some good wood chips so that it is easy for you to choose according to your smoker and food..
1. Weber Wood.

2. WESTERN Smoking Chips.

3. Oak, Cherry, Hickory & Alder Wood Smoking Chips.

4. Zorestar Wood Chips.

5. Jack Daniel’s Smoking Oak Wood Chips.

Dive in…;

wood chips
Wood chips.

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What are the Best Wood Chips for Smoking?

#1. Weber Wood (Best Overall)

The Bad

Weber Wood chips burn quickly.
These wood chips burn too quickly.

The Good

Produce clean burn
The Weber wood chips produce a clean burn and pleasant smoke with a mild flavor that is not overwhelming.

Good quality
Clean and dry wood chips add delicately smoked aromas to your favorite recipes.

Suitable for different food
This is the multi-purpose wood chip that we recommend you use for all types of food. Apple wood chips provide a cozy environment for smoking meat and veggies.
For example you can smoke steak, hamburgers, salmon, chicken, ribs etc.

Easy to use
It is simple to use. Start with a small amount of wood chips, then increase as needed.

Great flavor
Apple wood chips taste good. Also it allows you to add other woods, like you can mix in with lump charcoal which works great for smokey flavor.

Affordable price
Apple wood chips are reasonably priced and come in a good amount.

Suitable for all grill and smoker
You may use these amazing apple chips in any electric, gas, or charcoal smoker or grill..

What do I love the most?

Along with the price, its quality is also good.


  • Dry.
  • Clean.
  • Apple flavor.
  • Suitable for all foods.


  • Burns fast.

#2. Western Smoking Chips (Editor’s Choice)

Features & Specs

  • Product Dimensions: 11.75 x 7.75 x 10.5 inches.
  • Item Weight: 0.01 ounces
  • Manufacturer: WW Wood inc
  • Flavor: Maple, Peach, Apple, and Cherry.

The Bad

Reusable smoker tray
The reusable smoker tray can be of good quality. You can use a foil pouch to keep chips inside your smoker..

The Good

They heat up and start smoking pretty quick
Western Smoking Chips begin to heat up and smoke in just over ten minutes.

Even on medium heat, you can reach a complete smoke within 15 to 20 minutes.

Good flavor
The all different wood chips have delicious tastes and smells.

Good selection pack
Western Premium Smoking Chips come in a variety of packs including maple, peach, apple and cherry. You can combine the woods to get a unique aroma.

Decent price

For me the price is right for four good quality packets.

Suitable for all grill or smoker
Western Premium BBQ chips are easy to use in any grill. You can use  these wood chips in charcoal, gas grills or electric smokers.

Good quality
All of these varieties of wood chips are made entirely from raw, natural wood

What do I love the most?

The great thing about these chips is that there are so many flavor combinations that you are free to create a unique flavor.

Also WESTERN BBQ Smoking Chips come with a chips tray.


  • Suitable for all types of food and gas and electric grill.
  • Four chips packets of different flavors.
  • Included chips pan.


  • Reusable tray could be better.

#3. Oak, Cherry, Hickory & Alder Wood Smoking Chips (Best Budget)

Features & Specs

  • Product Dimensions: 8 x 4 x 4 inches
  • Item Weight: 1 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Camerons Products
  • Varieties of chips: Oak Wood, Cherry Wood, Hickory Wood  and Alder Wood.

The Bad

These wood chips from Camerons come in very small sizes. Sometimes a little coarse sawdust is seen in the product.

It is not a big problem but you should check before purchase.

If the amount of sawdust is high then you should return it.

In my case I got a small amount of sawdust with the chips so it was fine for me.

The Good

Decent price
It provides great value. These chips are a better alternative to cold smoke at a comparable price.

Furthermore you will get the mix pack to try out different flavors.

Also these containers come with enough wood chips to last for a long time.

Awesome flavor
Produces an amazing smoke and delivers delicious flavor from a variety of wood chip containers.

Simple to use
Easy to use and clean. When the chips form an ash at the bottom of the pan, simply scoop out the ash.

The wood chips are contained in a resealable container, making handling them simple.

Good quality
They burn easily and efficiently while producing maximum flavor and smell.

Suitable for all types food
These delicious wood chips work great with meats including lamb, hog, beef, cheese, chicken, vegetables and seafood etc.

Suitable for grill and smoker
All four of these different wood chips are developed for use outdoors on the grill or camping and indoors on the stovetop.

You can use it under a gas grill, charcoal grill, smoke gun, or indoor smoker box..

What do I love the most?

Wood chips come in a container.
Apart from the good quality, it also tastes great and wood chips can be sealed and stored in its container.


  • Resealable container.
  • Comes in different containers with different flavors.
  • Off price.
  • Suitable for all types of food and grill.


  • It would have been better if the amount of sawdust was less.

#4. Jack Daniel’s Smoking Oak Wood Chips (Best High-end)

Features & Specs

  • Item Weight: 7.75 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Jack Daniel’s
  • Quantity: Each bag has 180 cubic inches of oak wood chips.
  • Made from real Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 Brand whiskey barrels.
  • Adds more flavor and texture to the dishes you prepare.

The Bad

These wood chips are a little pricey.
These are a bit pricey whereas with Jack Daniels you will only get one flavor.

However you will get 4 packets of Oak Wood Chips.

They burn too fast.
It burns very fast due to which it gets over quickly.

The Good

Good quality
This 4-pack of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey Barrel Smoking Oak Wood Chips are made from real Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 Brand whiskey barrels.

These chips add nice flavor to grilling and smoking your favorite foods.

Suitable for all food
A variety of dishes, including ribs, wings, whole chicken, beef sirloin, seafood, brisket, pork loin, and others, match superbly with these fragrant aged wood chunks.

Awesome flavor
Oak wood chips provide good taste to your grilling. You can smoke or grill any meat, cheese and vegetables with oak wood chips.

Easy to use
These oak wood chips are simple to use. Soak the chips, wrap it and light it. It burns well. Adds good flavor with hot dogs, chicken, and hamburgers.

Suitable for outdoor and indoor grill
These oak wood chips are ideal for small- and large-scale smokers, as well as gas, charcoal or electric grills.

What do I love the most?

It gives excellent flavor and texture to your food. It works great with hamburgers, hot dogs, and chicken.


  • Good flavor.
  • Four packets of oak wood chips.
  • Suitable for all types of food.
  • Suitable for charcoal, gas, or electric grills.
  • It is a combo of whiskey flavor and oak wood smoke..


  • Little pricey.

#5. Zorestar Wood Chips (Best Wide Variety)

Features & Specs

  • Package Dimensions 8.82 x 8.15 x 6.46 inches
  • Item Weight the total weight of smoker chips is 6,6 Lb.
  • Manufacturer Firestar
  • Included Wood chips: apple, cherry, oak, alder, maple, and peach.
  • Eco-friendly packaging.
  • purely made of wood.

The Bad

Small quantity of wood chips in a small packet.

They burn fast because they are so tiny. So you are unable to create a solid smoke ring.

The Good

Built quality
These wood chips are manufactured entirely of flavor wood and are free of additives and chemicals.

A large selection
These variety packs come with peach, cherry, oak, alder, apple and maple.

Perfect for any dishes
These premium smoking wood chips with a distinct flavor that are great for any meal.
You can use it with beef, poultry, pork, fish, or vegetables. The distinct smoked wood aroma of each type of wood chip enhances the flavor of the cuisine.

Provides written instructions
Along with a package of wood chips, Firestar also offers a digital PDF e-book.

Awesome flavor & smoke
Different types of chips provide flavor as well as smoke in your food.

What do I love the most?

You will get a digital PDF e-book with superb outdoor/indoor meat smoking instructions after ordering this bundle of wood smoking chips..

It is easy to handle and split because each item is packaged separately.


  • Provides pure natural aroma.
  • Abundant smoke flavor.
  • No dust.
  • 100% natural fuel source.


  • They don’t last for a very long period.

# How to use wood chips for smoking?

Follow the steps to smoke wood chips for smoking..

  • Choose a flavor of wood chips that goes well with your food.
  • Place wood chips in a smoker box or with a foil pouch.
  • Light a fire on the chips of the smoker box and place on the grill.
  • Observe the chips until they start to smoke.
  • Put your meat on the grill and shut the lid.
  • You can cook your meat using either direct or indirect heat.

# Conclusion

In conclusion, selecting the best wood chips for smoking is essential for producing barbeque with exceptional flavour.

There is a perfect wood chip for every preference, whether you favour a mild, fruity, or intense smoky flavour.

Try using various types of wood chips to develop distinctive flavour profiles that will impress your guests.

To locate the best wood chip match, keep in mind the type of meat or meal you’re smoking.

The best wood chips for smoking can boost your grilling experience and your sense of taste..