Pit Boss Heat Deflector Mods

Pit Boss Heat Deflector Mods, July(2024), How to do it?

Welcome to the definitive guide on the Pit Boss Heat Deflector Mod.

As grilling technology evolves, so do the techniques and modifications that enhance its performance.

Whether you’re a seasoned Pit Boss user or a newcomer looking to optimize your grilling sessions, this article sheds light on the latest modifications, essential accessories, and expert insights.

I have tried to cover some basic mods of heat deflector for Pit Boss and also some of the queries like:

Check out the modifications;

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# Heat Deflector/Shield (Fixing Temperature Swings Issue)

Here I am going to give an example of Pit Boss Austin xl heat deflector Mod.

In my case, I was getting a temperature difference of almost 25 to 50 degrees.

The Internal temperature probe and the inbuilt thermometer were nowhere near.

Note: You can use Heat Deflector also for Pit Boss 1150 mods.

Why this Issue?

If you had earlier seen the 700s and the 820 Pit Boss Model, you would have seen that the slot where the heat deflector fit in was curved or rounded.

This made it a perfect fit for the deflector plate to sit on.

Image of the previous model deflector
Image of the previous model deflector

However in the latest 1000 models and later this curved slot is missing.
See below.

Image of the current model deflector
Image of the current model deflector

Since it does not sit properly.

And with the heat directly exposed to the temperature sensor.

This leads to an issue of the temperature swing.

Below shown is the rounded curve that needs to fit in.

lid curve
lid curve

How to fix it?

It can simply be fixed by doing a heat deflector modification.

Either you can construct it yourself or buy a mod which is readily available. 
I will put a link here: Pit Boss Heat deflector Mod

It looks something like this.

Heat deflector for Pit Boss
Heat deflector for Pit Boss

This mod comes with two self tapping screws.

Also the mod has holes already drilled for the screws. 

This airgap mod is designed in such a way that the slots are curved.

And this works exactly similar to the 700 Pit Boss Model

Steps to follow :
  1. Remove the Grates : 

Take out your grates so that you can insert the mods.

Also Keep your towel ready to get ready with dirt.

  1. Pull out the drip tray.

You should do this carefully.

You should put the lock out.

Then Remove the drip tray out as shown.

Drip Tray
Drip Tray
  1. Place the Deflector Mod:

Now you can place the purchased heat deflector mod in two ways.

Either you can place it outside without tightening the screws.

Or you can actually fix it with screws.

Both seemed to work fine for me.

For eg:
Without fixing the screw.

Placing Heat deflector
Placing Heat deflector

Or place it like this to use the screw.

I am using it directly without screwing.

Installing with Self Tapping Screw.
Installing with Self Tapping Screw.

Since these heat deflector mod slots are perfectly designed to fit in, this prevents the heat from directly hitting the temperature sensors.

Therefore avoiding the heat swings.

  1. Put back the Drip Tray.

Once the Mod is set inside, You can put the drip tray back to its place.

Once this Mod is done you should probably see that your heat swing issue is now solved.

Control Panel
Control Panel

Particularly for me, after the modification the temperature fluctuations came to only 10-15 degrees off.

Be sure to share your experiences with this modification.

# Pit Boss Austin XL Mods

Pit Boss Sear Plate Mod

Here is a cool video on how to do the Pit Boss sear plate mod.

Hope it helps.

If you want to know more about Pit Boss Austin XL Mods then visit here.

# For Pit Boss flame or heat diffuser/ Flame Tamer mods.

# Accessories that might help

  • Pit Boss Austin XL Cover: Protect your grill from the elements and ensure its longevity.
  • Pit Boss Temperature Probe: Achieve precise cooking temperatures with this essential tool, compatible with various Pit Boss models.
  • Pit Boss Tailgater Cover: Specifically designed for the Tailgater model, this cover offers protection and style.
  • Pit Boss 1600 Pro Series Cover: Ensure your Pro Series grill remains in top condition with this tailored cover.
  • Cast Iron Griddle: Elevate your cooking versatility with this durable griddle, perfect for breakfasts and seared dishes.
  • Pit Boss Grease Bucket: Maintain cleanliness and safety with this essential accessory.

Pit Boss Austin XL cover

Protect your grill from the elements and ensure its longevity.

Pit Boss Temperature Probe.

Achieve precise cooking temperatures with this essential tool, compatible with various Pit Boss models.

Replacement for Pit Boss Temperature Probe 2 Pack, Pellet Grills Meat Probes & Smokers Parts, BBQ Accessories, Waterproof 3.5mm Plug, with 2 Stainless Steel Probe Clip Holders
  • ✅【PERFECT COMPATIBLE】Compatible with Pit Boss models: Austin XL Pellet Grill, 3 Series Vertical Smoker, 1000 Nascar, 1000 Traditions, 1000 Traditions 2, 1000SC, Classic, KC Combo, Lexington, 5 Series Vertical Smoker, Pro Series 820, Pro Series 1100, Pro Series 1100 Combo, Ranch Hand, Rancher XL, Tailgater, Whiskey Still, 7 Series Vertical Smoker, 440 Nascar, and 700 Nascar.
  • ✅【ENJOY OUTDOOR BBQ SEASON】Camping & grilling with family and friend on holiday and weekend.The replacement probes inserted into the grill to immediately started reading a temp of the meat, and the steel clip can prevent the probe from touching the grate.
  • ✅【ACCURATE TEMPERATURE】Provide the accurate temperature for the Pit Boss Grills, make your enjoy delicious barbecue.
  • ✅【EASY TO CLEAN】Easy to attach to the smoker and easy clean up.The tip of the grill accessories tube can be run under a tap or cleaned with a damp rag cleaning.
  • ✅【WARMING TIPS】In order to prolong the service life, please avoid repeatedly kinking or twisting the probe cable. If you have any questions,you could contact us through Amazon Messenger.

Pit Boss Tailgater Cover

Specifically designed for the Tailgater model, this cover offers protection and style.

SHINESTAR Durable Grill Cover for Pit Boss Tailgater / 340, Traeger Tailgater/Junior/Broson 20 Series, Heavy Duty Waterproof Material with PVC Coating, Full-Length Design, Part# BAC374
  • 【Perfect Fit】 Fits for Pit Boss Tailgate / 340, Traeger Junior Elite 20, Tailgater Elite 20, Tailgater 20, Bronson 20, Junior Elite, Junior Grills, and more pellet grills. Measures 35W x 22D x 38H inches
  • 【Upgraded Design】 A drawstring is added at the bottom to secure the cover in place even in strong winds, a zipper on the side makes it easier to put on & take off
  • 【Super Easy to Clean】The smooth rubber coating faces outwards for easier cleaning, just wipe lightly with a cloth to get a new look
  • 【Better Protection】Upgrade the stitching process, and 600D thick polyester fabric, 100% waterproof, keep your grill dry and clean in all seasons
  • 【UV Protection】Anti-UV durable PVC coating, will not fade under long-term exposure

Pit Boss 1600 pro series cover

Ensure your Pro Series grill remains in top condition with this tailored cover.

CLOAKMAN Premium Heavy-Duty Grill Cover for Pit Boss Pro Series Elite 1600 Wood Pellet Smoker Grill
  • CLOAKMAN premium grill cover applicated to Pit Boss Pro series Elite 1600
  • Durable fabric material 300X600D with Double stitching of sewing process
  • Waterproof and UV protection, excellent weatherability
  • Velcro straps to secure your grill withstand heavy wind and rain
  • Tailor made and perfect fit

Slide Cover and Bottom Kit

Enhance the functionality of your grill with this kit, ensuring protection and ease of use, especially when moving or storing your grill.

Pit Boss Grills 820 Cover

Tailored for the 820 model, this cover offers robust protection against the elements, ensuring your grill remains pristine.

Cast Iron Griddle

Elevate your cooking versatility with this durable griddle, perfect for breakfasts and seared dishes.

Pit Boss Grease Bucket

Maintain cleanliness and safety with this essential accessory.

Folding Shelf

An essential accessory that provides additional workspace when grilling. It’s foldable, ensuring it doesn’t take up unnecessary space when not in use.

Griddle Tool Kit

Equip yourself with the right tools for the perfect griddle experience. From flipping pancakes to searing steaks, this kit has everything you need.


#1 When to use Pit Boss lexington p setting?

Pit Boss P settings should be used only in the smoke mode.

The only mode which is based on timing is the smoke mod.

Since they are mainly purposed for smoke, these settings usually deal in the lower ranges and can affect the 200-250 ranges of  temperature.

#2 Which Pit Boss side is the hottest?

The right side of the Pit boss is usually the hottest.

#3 Where can I buy heat deflector for Pit Boss?

Kindly click this link to purchase a heat deflector for Pit Boss.

#4 Why won’t my pellet smoker heat up?

There are many reasons for the pellet grill not heating up, such as.
1. Pellets that are old or wet.
2. There are issues with the auger.
3. Adverse weather circumstances.
4. A clogged fire pot.

#5 How does the Pit Boss sear plate mod enhance the grilling experience?

The Pit Boss sear plate mod allows for a more even distribution of heat across the grill’s surface.

This ensures that your meats and veggies get a consistent sear, enhancing flavor and texture.

It’s especially beneficial for those who love a perfect steak with those coveted grill marks.

#6 Is there a difference between the Pit Boss heat diffuser and the heat deflector?

Yes, while both serve to distribute heat more evenly, the heat deflector primarily guards against direct flame exposure, ensuring a more indirect cooking environment.

On the other hand, the heat diffuser spreads out the heat, reducing hot spots on the grill’s surface, which is essential for even cooking.

#7 What makes the SM Tech Pit Boss stand out from other models?

The SM Tech Pit Boss incorporates advanced technology that optimizes temperature control and provides a more user-friendly interface.

This ensures precision cooking, making it a favorite among grill enthusiasts who seek consistency and perfection in their dishes.

#8 Can I DIY my Pit Boss Lexington heat deflector, or is it better to purchase a pre-made one?

While DIY solutions offer customization, purchasing a pre-made Pit Boss Lexington heat deflector ensures that it’s tailored specifically for the grill model, ensuring optimal fit and performance.

If you’re confident in your DIY skills and have the right materials, you can create one. However, for ease and guaranteed performance, a pre-made deflector is recommended.

#9 How often should I consider updating or modifying my Pit Boss accessories?

It’s advisable to assess your Pit Boss accessories annually. Wear and tear, advancements in technology, or changes in your grilling needs might necessitate updates or modifications.

Regularly checking and updating ensures optimal grill performance and enhances the longevity of your Pit Boss.

# Conclusion

Grilling has always been an art, and with tools like the Pit Boss, it’s an ever-evolving journey.

The Pit Boss Heat Deflector Mod is more than just a modification; it’s a game-changer for many enthusiasts.

Addressing temperature swings, understanding the nuances of the Pit Boss sear plate mod, and diving into the world of the Pit Boss are all part of this adventure.

And let’s not forget the importance of accessories, from the Pit Boss Lexington heat deflector to the DIY Pit Boss heat diffuser techniques.

As you continue to explore and experiment, remember that every grill session is an opportunity to learn, improve, and most importantly, savor the flavors.

Here’s to many more delicious grilling experiences ahead!


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