7 Best Kingsford Charcoal for Smoking September(2022).

Best KingsFord Charcoal for Smoking Featured Image

Looking for best kingsford charcoal for smoking? You are in the right place. I know it’s hard to avoid kingsford when it comes to smoking charcoal. Because of its price and various options. Kingsford is still the choice for many.. I usually like to use different brands. It really depends on what we want to … Read more

4 Best Small Charcoal Grill For Camping in September(2022)

Weber 121020 best charcoal grill for camping.

Looking for the best small charcoal grill for camping? You are right in the place. It took me almost six months to decide which one to go for. I was looking for such a small portable, charcoal grill perfect for camping. I have already shared about Oklahoma Rambler which is still one of my best … Read more

Best Way To Stack Charcoal Briquettes, September(2022)

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Looking for the Best Way to Stack Charcoal Briquettes? Right in the place.  There are different methods or configurations out there on how to stack the charcoal.  For Eg : Pyramid Stack method Two zone parallel fire configurations Easy classic two zone method Direct grilling method And the most relatable Snake method.  However, of all … Read more

How to get rid of Creosote in Smoker? Easy to Tough ones. September(2022)

An Image showing steps on How to remove creosotes from smoker

I have explained here step by step on How to get rid of Creosote in Smoker. Also I have added few common queries such as- Reason for Creosote in smokers What harm can Creosotes do What if I don’t have the equipment and more on. Knowing these will certainly help when you are dealing with creosote … Read more

How to Cure Sausage for Smoking? 5 Easy steps. September(2022)

An Image showing curing sausage for smoking

Before diving into how to cure sausage for smoking, there are few things that might give you more insight about the curing process. I have discussed here about things to know before curing sausages, different casings, different salts, steps to cure etc in detail. I have tried to put as much as information to help … Read more

5 Best Chicken Marinades for Grilling,September(2022).Easy Recipes

Best Chicken Marinade for Grilling

I have collected 5 most on demand grilled chicken marinades for you to try out. There are still many different types of marinades to try out. However this are my favorite picks for various reasons.. Be sure to try out and leave your experiences.. Let’s dive in… 😉 Recommended Reading:– Learn how to smoke brisket.– Smoking … Read more

Char Griller Grand Champ XD Review, September (2022),Worth?

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Here is my Char Griller Grand Champ xd review. Based on my experience I have discussed specs, dimensions, thickness, thermometer, cover, mods, models etc all in detail. I waited for the release of this smoker with so much enthusiasm.. And now here it is… I already have a lot of stuff, more good and less … Read more

Best Dyna Glo Vertical Offset Smoker Mods in September (2022).

Featured image of modification of dyna glo vertical offset smoker mods

Did you just buy a Dyna Glo vertical Offset Smoker and things did not work out as expected? I have always struggled to find the right information for Modifications. And Dyna glo Vertical Offset Smoker is not an exception. Therefore I have chosen to compile my own.. I have explained some problem and modifications to … Read more

6 Excellent Char Griller Smokin Pro Modifications Ideas in September(2022)

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Looking for Char-Griller Smokin Pro Modifications? You are in the right place. Unless we are dealing with high end smokers it is very hard to keep up everything perfect while smoking. The same is true for Char-Griller Pro.. Char Griller Smokin Pro can have many issues such as : Incorrect Thermometer Display Hard to maintain … Read more

Top 10 Oklahoma Joe Reverse flow Smoker Mods, September (2022)

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I am listing out here the 10 Oklahoma Joe Reverse flow Smoker Mods that worked like charm for me. Although these modifications are done particularly for Oklahoma Joe’s Highland Smoker. It can pretty much apply to any offset smokers. I’ve tried to address some queries, such as- Sealing Oklahoma Joe Smoker Joints Sealing doors or … Read more