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4 Effective Oklahoma Joe’s Highland Mods, Jan(2022)

Oklahoma Joe's Highland Mods- Featured Image

Here I have discussed most of your queries about Oklahoma Joe’s Highland Mods. I have always had a difficult time finding accurate information about the Mods. As a result, whatever I’ve learned about the Mods from my experiences doing them, I have tried to provide the most relevant information here. Here you will find some common … Read more

Top 10 Oklahoma Joe Reverse flow Smoker Mods,Jan(2022)

Featured Image for best offset smoker modification

I am listing out here the 10 Oklahoma Joe Reverse flow Smoker Mods that worked like charm for me . Although these modifications are done particularly for Oklahoma Joe’s Highland Smoker. It can pretty much apply to any offset smokers. I don’t care what modification people do. But for me, it is important to know … Read more