3 Easy Oklahoma Joe’s Bronco Mods, March(2023)

Oklahoma Joe's Bronco Mods- Featured Image
Oklahoma Joe's Bronco Mods- Featured Image

Here I have discussed lots of your queries about Oklahoma Joe’s Bronco Mods.

Whatever I’ve learned about the Mods through my experiences, I have tried to provide the most useful information I have found..

I have tried to solve some frequent problems, such as-

  • Charcoal basket mods
  • Oklahoma Joe’s Bronco temp control
  • Oklahoma Joe’s bronco fan mod
  • Convert the Bronco from smoke mode to a grill mod
  • Season an Oklahoma Joe’s Bronco etc.

Just to let you know some of the points below are not exactly a modification.

But still these are some of the solutions that are still handy…

Hope it will solve your issues…

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Oklahoma Joe’s Bronco Mods – in Detail

Solution 1: Oklahoma Joe Bronco mod with Charcoal basket


Steps to follow:


  • So, you have to collect a bucket and drilling tools such as drills, bits etc.
  • It would be nice if you have a metal bucket.


  • Drill holes on the bucket
    • Drill hole on center of the bottom and around the bucket as shown in image.
      (Other hole should be smaller than middle hole)
    • Next, you have to make hole on the down side around the bucket.
  • Place the bucket inside your Bronco.
    • Put two or three flat type stones or bricks underneath the bronco. 
    • Then place the grill grate.
    • Now you have to place your self made charcoal bucket on the grate.
      It wood be better if you use chimney to burn charcoal.
    • Keep a charcoal chimney in a safe place.
    • Pour charcoal in the chimney. (charcoal should be half)
    • Light the charcoal with a lighter in a charcoal chimney.
    • Let the charcoal burn for at least ten to fifteen minutes.
    • Now you have to pour hot charcoal in your charcoal bucket.
    • After pouring the burning charcoal into the bucket, you will put on gloves and adjust the bucket with the help of a hook..
Oklahoma Joe Bronco Mods
Oklahoma joe bronco mod- Charcoal Basket.

Also you can try more ways to hold more charcoal to produce a longer cooking time.
For example :

  • To make a charcoal basket you can use a simple sheet of expanded metal and some bar ties to code it together.

    You can see the image below..
Oklahoma Joe Bronco Mods
Charcoal Basket.

Solution 2: Oklahoma Joe’s Bronco temp control mod


Steps to follow: 


  • You will need charcoal and small pieces of wood..


  • Make a layer of charcoal or lump. 
  • Pour several small pieces of wood on top of the layer.
  • Then again fill the bucket with charcoal.
  • Now light the charcoal.
  • Open both dampers until about 200 degrees. 
  • Close down the intake little. 
  • Don’t touch, let it settle.
    It means to control the temperature you should not mess and try to control too much.
  • Another way to control temperature
    • You can use or hang a pellet tube inside Bronco.
    • It will provide equally smoke and heat to your meat.

I would recommend royal oak natural.

If you have any information about good charcoal then please share..

Solution 3: Oklahoma Joe’s Bronco fan


Steps to follow:


  • You need to purchase an adaptor and Billows Fan.


  • Remove the air controller lid.
  • Fix the adapter with a fan.
  • Then put it in the air controller hole.
  • Use a signal to run the fan.
  • Open your exhaust lid a little bit when you are using the fan.
  • You can see in this video for other fan mods.

# How to convert the Bronco from smoke mod to grill mod?

So, if you want to change or convert your Bronco from smoke to grill mode then follow the steps :

  • Remove interior components. 
    • First you have to take off the cooking grate,  heat  diffuser and charcoal basket.
  • Flip up the diffuser
    • Take your heat diffuser and flip it.
    • Then drop inside the Bronco.
  • Keep charcoal basket
    • Next you have to place your charcoal basket with burned charcoal if you are going to grill.
  • Add cooking grate
    • Lastly you will add your cooking grate.
  • Now it’s ready to grill whatever you want.

# How do I season an Oklahoma Joe’s Bronco?

Steps to follow:

  • Empty the Bronco
    • Take out all parts and wash with soap and water.
  • Rinse them and let dry
    • Let dry all the parts of the Bronco.
  • Spray
    • Now you have to spray everything except for the porcelain coated parts with Pam original or any oil which one you prefer.
    • Spray inside the drum with pam original natural canola oil.
  • Light the charcoal
    • Fill the charcoal basket with briquettes
    • Light it and get some heat.
    • Add heat diffuser and cooking grate or meat hangers.
  • Close the lid
  • Wide open both your air intake and exhaust damper.

That’s all there is to do in seasoning. .

It’s very easy, isn’t it? You can cook after two to three hours of seasoning.

# Can I use wood in the Oklahoma Joe’s Bronco?

Yes, you can use wood with charcoal in the Oklahoma Joe Bronco.

# How do you smoke in Oklahoma Joe’s Bronco?

Here I am sharing steps to smoke in Oklahoma Joe Bronco.

Steps to follow: 

  • Light the charcoal
    • Fill the charcoal in the chimney with charcoal and light.
    • You can add wood chunks.
    • You can light the charcoal in the charcoal basket.
  • Now you have to add a heat  diffuser.
  • Then add one or two level cooking grates.
  • If you want to hang your meat you can hang. (Three hangers and eight hooks comes with Bronco)
  • You can put the meat in the bronco once the temperature is around 300-350.
  • You have to keep adjusting the air intake till the cooking is finished.

# Can you grill on Oklahoma Joe’s Bronco?

Yes, it is possible…

However, some adjustments to your Bronco are required.

You can grill easily by converting your Bronco Drum smoker to a charcoal grill.

I have already described how to change the smoke mod to a grill mod.

# Oklahoma Joe’s Bronco accessories

Also you can visit this link for parts and accessories..