How to Clean a Vertical Smoker? April(2024), Easy Methods.

How to clean vertical smoker
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I have explained the basic steps and provided some ideas on How to Clean Vertical Smoker in this article.

I’ve covered two different types of vertical smokers here on cleaning.

I have tried to answer some questions here as well..

So, let’s dive in for detail…;

# How to clean a Pit Boss vertical smoker?


Steps to follow

First of all keep the smoker in a clean place.

We will clean the window or glass of the smoker first, then clean the inside of the smoker. At last, we will clean the removed part..

  1. Empty the smoker
    1. Remove all the components from your Pit Boss.
  2. Preparation to spray degreaser
    1. Wear gloves.
    2. Open the cap of degreaser container.
    3. Shake the cleaner once before for a nice coat.
  3. Start spray cleaner on the window glass
    1. Start spray first on the inner side of the door.
    2. Spray all around the glass.
  4. Spray cleaner inside the cooking chamber.
    1. Spray all the three inner walls with cleaner from top to bottom.
    2. Let soak the sprayed area.
      a) Leave for about 10 to 15 minutes to soak.
      b) You can close the smoker door.
How to Clean Vertical Smoker
Spraying cleaner inside the chamber.

The following step will start soaking each of the removed parts one at a time.

5. Just set the removed part in the tub and let them soak with cleaner or in warm soapy water.


Get a huge tub.

Spray cleaner on each removed part and keep them in the tub…

How to Clean Vertical Smoker
Spraying degreaser.
How to Clean Vertical Smoker
Interior parts in the tub.
Spray cleaner on smoker tube
Spray cleaner on smoker tube.
How to Clean Vertical Smoker
Grate in the tub.
How to Clean Vertical Smoker
Spraying cleaner.

6. Allow the grease to dissolve in the cleaner.

7. Now you will spend your time cleaning the main smoker.

Start wiping down the smoker’s door glass and interior if the cleaner has dissolved in the grease.

  1. Wipe off with soapy water.
    1. Get a huge bucket with soapy water.
    2. Dip the rag in the soapy water and wipe the glass and all around it.
Cleaning window glass with water
Cleaning window glass with water.

8. Check if there is any grease left.

9. Wash the door glass with clean water.

Now it’s time to clean interior

10. Start cleaning the interior part.

How to Clean Vertical Smoker
Cleaning interior area.

How to Clean Vertical Smoker
Wipe off after spray cleaner.

Spray cleaner above rest of dirt
Spray cleaner above rest of dirt.

  1. Now it’s time to clean the parts we left to soak.
    1. Take a brush or scrubber and scrub all the parts.
    2. Wash with clean water and let them dry.
Scrape the parts with brush or plastic knife
Scrape the parts with brush or plastic knife.

12. Rearrange the parts.

Now put everything back in the smoker..

# How to clean a Masterbuilt smoker?


I will first explain how to clean the window of an electric smoker. This is not much different. This has to be done in the same way as you clean the windows of other smokers.

Disconnect the power source before cleaning the smoker.

And make arrangements to protect the electrical wire from water so that you and the smoker can be saved..

Steps to follow

  • Spray cleaner on the window
    • Put on gloves. 
    • First spray degreaser on the window.
  • Wait for sometime.
    • Let the grease dissolve with a cleaner couple of minutes.
  • Spray water to check any mess on the window.
    • Spray water thoroughly and clean.
    • Then check where the stain of grease has remained.
  • Spray cleaner if needed.
    • If the black spot is still visible, spray the cleaner again.
  • Scrub the grease area.
    • Now take a scrubber and scrub all around the window glass.
  • Spray water thoroughly and clean the window.
  • And so on until it becomes clean, you have to use a cleaner and clean it with water.

Let’s start cleaning inside the smoker..

  • Empty the smoker.
    • Remove all the components.
  • Spray cleaner.
    • Spray cleaner on the interior wall and bottom.
  • Wait for sometime.
    • Give it a couple of minutes to dissolve with grease.
  • Spray water.
    • Clean with water thoroughly.
  • Spray cleaner.
    • Spray the cleaner once more on any remaining dirt.
    • Wait for some time again so that the cleaner dissolves.
  • Scrub the area where you sprayed cleaner..
    • Put on your cleaning gloves.
    • Take a scrubber and scrub gently.
    • Spray water and see if there is any grease.

All you have to do is spray the cleaner and clean it with water until it is completely clean.

We have come to the end of the cleaning and we are going to clean the internal parts of the smoker..


Steps to follow

  • Get a big tub with warm soapy water.(You can also add vinegar to the water instead of soap.)
  • Put all the components into the water.
  • Let soak for a couple of minutes.
  • After a few minutes take a brush or scrubber and scrub all the parts.
  • Then wash with clean water.
  • Let them dry thoroughly.


# How to remove pellets from a Pit Boss vertical smoker?

There is a hole in a square shape at the back of the Pit Boss vertical smoker from where you can take out the pellets.

Take a bucket and scoop out all the pellets..

How to Clean Vertical Smoker
How to Clean Vertical Smoker
Removing pellets.

# How to smoke in a vertical smoker?

Here is a quick overview of how to use or smoke in a vertical smoker.

Step 1: Set up your smoker

Set up your smoker in the location you choose, where you can easily access everything you need.
The smoker’s place should be at a safe distance from any structure..

Step 2: Fire Up The Smoker

The second step is to light up the smoker.
This process for starting a fire will depend on the type of vertical smoker you have.

Although the process for vertical electric smokers differs a little, the basic idea is the same.

So, here I would like to say that according to the type of your vertical smoker you will use fuel and let the fuel burn.

Step 3: Keep a water pan inside the smoker.

You need to have a water pot with water to maintain the temperature and tenderness of your food.

Step 4: Place the food.

After setting the firebox and water pan, now you need to place food  inside the cooking chamber.

Step 5: Monitor and maintain the desired temperature.

To keep the temperature accurate, you will need to adjust according to the temperature shown on your temperature gauge.

You must also control the fuel in the firebox and the water in the water pan to achieve the desired temperature.

Depending on the size and type of meat you’re cooking, as well as the solid fuel you’re using, cooking times and temperatures will vary.

You can use a food or meat temperature guide chart..

Step 5: Remove the meat and set it aside to rest.

When your food is cooked well, take it out with tongs and keep it to rest.

# Conclusion

In conclusion, maintaining a vertical smoker’s functionality and longevity requires regular cleaning..

You may keep your smoker in top shape and avoid the accumulation of grease and residue by adhering to the cleaning procedures described in this article.

The output from your vertical smoker will continue to be delectable and flavorful with regular cleaning.

You may enjoy hassle-free cooking and increase the lifespan of your vertical smoker with a little effort and focus on the small things.

Prepare your smoker for your upcoming culinary endeavors by keeping it clean..