Oklahoma Joe's Bandera Smoker and Grill

6 Best Vertical Smoker, Jun(2024)

Looking for the Best Vertical Smoker ? It can be confusing especially when we have lot of options out here..

Vertical smokers are good for high heat grilling or smoking. It also is a great choice when space is a concern.

Nevertheless it differs from person to person. But if you are looking into something which is well known and already has a brand name. Then here it is…;

Oklahoma Joe’s Bandera Smoker and Grill
  • 254 sq. In; Primary cooking surface in grill chamber
  • 738 sq; In; Primary cooking surface in smoker chamber
  • 992 sq; In; Total cooking surface
  • 4 adjustable cooking grates
  • Rib rack set and two meat hanging hooks

Let’s look into the 6 Best Vertical smoker that might end up becoming your next item in the list..

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#1. Oklahoma Joe Bandera (Best Overall)

Oklahoma Joe's Bandera Smoker and Grill
Oklahoma Joe’s Bandera Smoker and Grill.


Primary cooking surface in grill chamber254 sq In
Primary cooking surface in smoker chamber738 sq In
Total cooking surface992 sq In
Adjustable cooking grates4
HooksRib rack set and two meat hanging hooks

If you are looking for a flexible that can be used with charcoal, wood or wood chips, this will serve you the best.

It has an ample space of 992 sq inches cooking space that is big enough to cater for parties of 8 or more. It is an excellent choice for people seeking a smoker/grill mix.

Having a height of 67 inches tall, it has four flexible cooking cubes, two meat hanging hooks, along a barbell Rackspace. 

It is not only versatile but even user friendly. Additionally, it has a storage container for storing cooking and grilling accessories.

Ash removal is stress-free, making clean up simple and productive. It also comes with a porcelain water pan to keep the moisture inside the cooking chamber.

The body is made strong to put on heavyweight, making it friendly and effective. The cool-touch handle makes it easier to hold the handle of the smoker.

Both the wheels are made solid and sturdy. They are also large enough for better mobility..


  • Flexible in terms of using fuel.
  • Additional storage container.
  • Professional temperature gauge for accurate monitoring.


  • It is heavy…

#2. Pit boss grills 77435

PIT BOSS 77435 Vertical Gas Smoker
PIT BOSS 77435 Vertical Gas Smoker.


Cooking Racks3
BTU Value12,500
TemperaturesAs low as 100°F and as high as 350°F
Cooking area884 square inches

Pit boss grills are one kind that is neither entirely powered by gasoline nor is a conventional smoker. It has a dual burning system offering a temperature range of 100-350 F..

It is perfect for people loving inventions and meanwhile has fantastic layouts.

It has a wide range of temperature and effective heat control with the most accessible operations. It is particularly accepted for a small-sized household rather than a massive gathering.

The two wheels on the rear leg and handle at the back help the smoker tilt, making it easy for transportation.

The primary glass doorway allows viewing the inner portion, making it easier to keep the internal temperature without needing to open it.

Weighing around 53.9 pounds has a voluminous space of 6050 cubic inches. It has three ceramic cooking grids, a stainless steel grill, and a dirt tray and wood chip drawer.


  • Mobility.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Easy operations.


  • It is heavy.

#3. Dyna signature series

Dyna-Glo Signature Series
Dyna-Glo Signature Series.


Assembled Dimensions58″ H x 45.5″ W x 24.9″ D
Weight (net)124.3
Total Cooking Area (sq. in.)1,382 sq. in.
Fuel TypeCharcoal/Wood
Body ConstructionHeavy-Gauge Steel
Cooking Grate MaterialChrome-Plated
Folding Side ShelfNo
Temperature Gauge

It is the non-conventional version as the firebox is offset. This provides durability and is versatile. It has 1382 square inches as an awe-inspiring cooking area.

The heavy-duty wheels make the smoker move quickly. It comes with five chrome-plated grates along with hooks for hanging sausages, utensils and other things.

Another good thing about this is it has an ashtray which can be removed easily and be put back in no time.

The side tray makes it easy to access fuel and even minimises heat loss.

The cool-touch handle allows easy access to this smoker..


  • It can be moved easily.


  • The smoke leaks.

#4. Backwoods chubby 3400

Backwoods Chubby
Backwoods Chubby.


MaterialAll stainless steel inside
Heat diverter IncludedYes
Water PanRemovable stainless steel water pan
LatchesBlack doors with slam latches
Sliderextra slider for rack height adjustment
Racks1⁄8″ nickel plated racks
Cooking degrees(approx.) 180 to 300
Amount of charcoal(approx.) 6 to 10 lb.
Cooking time(approx.) 6 to 10 hours (Depending on the temperature used for cooking)
Meat(approx.) 8 slabs of baby back ribs, 2 to 3 briskets, or 2 to 4 Boston Butts

If you are looking for a residential smoker, it serves you the best. It is the most miniature model in its line. The indestructible outer coating makes it live longer.

The coating is galvanised, which makes it corrosion-resistant. The double-insulated walls make the heat last long in the cooking chamber.

Only four racks are available. Meanwhile, the water pan provides moisture during the cooking process. The water in the pan can also be replaced by juice or beer to give the required flavour.

The water acts as a temperature controlling device or heat sink too..

It weighs around 130 pounds which is light and can be used for campaign trips, shore excursions, tailgates which are enough to cook brisket, rack of ribs, leg, thigh pork.

Because of its insulation, it is perfect to use in colder climates. It also adds versatility, making it usable for smoking and grilling…


  • Water acts as a sink.
  • Easy to handle.


  • Small in size.
  • Not spacious.

#5. Pit Barrel Cooker

Pit Barrel Cooker
Pit Barrel Cooker.


Built 1-30 Gallon Porcelain Coated Steel Drum
Hooks8-Stainless Steel Hooks,
Rods2-Steel Hanging Rods
Charcoal BasketYes
Grill Grate1
Wooden Hook Remover1
Stand1-3 Point Barrel Stand

It is one of the simplest smokers to use. The designer has designed it so that the meat can be hung directly over the fire..

It is relatively inexpensive. It is a kind of set and forgets smoker. If you have pending work to do, you can set this smoke in function and proceed with your work.

The smoker offers you the best meat you have eaten. The design is such that it shortens the smoking period by developing a vertical shaft of the smoker.

The coal basket comes along that contains the ideal amount of charcoal to provide perfect beverages. It has eight stainless hooks to hang on the beef using a typical grate. 

It has a 24 square inch chrome-plated cooking grate. The smoker gives constant heat, the bottom of the meat doesn’t burn when the top beef is raw..


  • Simple to use.
  • Gives constant heat.


  • Fire doesn’t last long.

#6. Louisiana grills vertical

Louisiana Grill
Louisiana Grill.


Temperature 150-450 degree F
Hopper Capacity 60 pounds
Cooking Time 35 hours
Cooking Space 2059 square inches
Meta Probes 2
Cooking F Fan Forced Convection

If you are looking for a large one, it is on the top list containing six cooking grates and 1 square metre cooking area suited for large families, hunters, caterers, restaurant operators.

This can perform roasting, grilling, BBQ, which can be used for a more extended period without refueling. Once the pellet is put to the hopper, it lasts long. This smoker is added to the list of set and forgets systems.

The clear window in the front door allows you to view the inside cooking. The gasket is filled in the inner door. The double insulation wall does not allow the heat to lose.

The water pan allows to keep the meat moist, and the hole at the bottom acts as an outlet to grease and ashes. 

The control button is simple and easy to use, and the best thing is the temperature dial switch is available digitally..


  • Can sustain heat for more extended periods.
  • Easy to use.
  • Viewing window.


  • Not budget-friendly.
  • Heavy.


# Who makes the best vertical smoker?

Pit Boss, Master built, Camp Chef, Louisiana grills are some names when it comes to making the finest vertical smokers..

Louisiana Grills Vertical Pellet Smoker
Louisiana Grills Vertical Pellet Smoker.

# Are vertical smokers any good?

Yes, they are. Vertical smoker are best for high heat searing and also for grilling. They also take less space in comparison to other smokers. They are very good for using the smoke wisely..

# Are vertical smokers better?

Vertical smoker is considered better for many reasons..
For example:

  1. The dual-door design of most vertical smokers makes it simple to add fuel while cooking.
  2. A Vertical smokers cook meat more quickly than offset smokers.
  3. In comparison to offset smokers, vertical smokers consume significantly less fuel.
  4. Its portable design makes easy to move and it does not require much space to keep it..

# Conclusion

In summary, the best vertical smokers offer dependable smoking performance with a compact design..

These best-in-class vertical smokers have a variable cooking capacity, reliable airflow, and great heat retention.

They require the least amount of floor space due to its vertical orientation, which maximizes the cooking area.

Users can enjoy hassle-free smoking and create mouthwatering, smoky flavors by choosing one of these highly recommended vertical smokers..

A vertical smoker is a useful tool to have in your outdoor cooking arsenal, whether you’re a novice or seasoned smoker..


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