Blackstone Griddle Grease Tray Mods

Blackstone Griddle Grease Tray Modifications
Griddle Mod with grease slide

Here I have explained most of your queries about Blackstone Griddle Grease Tray Modifications. I have always struggled to find proper information on the Mods. 

Therefore, whatever from my experiences in doing and learning about the Mods, I have tried to share the best of helpful information. .

I have tried to cover some common queries like-

  • Blackstone Griddle Gap modification.
  • Blackstone Griddle side discharge Mod.
  • Blackstone griddle grease tray/ drip cup mod.
  • Accessories

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Grease Slide Mod for Blackstone Griddle with Side Discharge.- in detail

# Issue: The oil doesn’t go from the griddle to the grease cup and falls on the ground through the griddle’s leg.

There is a gape at the end of the drain on the right side, can you see in the image?

Blackstone Griddle Grease Tray Modification
Gap, where oil comes out.

#Problem: Before the grease reaches the drain, it exits the gap and goes down through the griddle leg.

Mod 1: Blackstone Griddle Gap Modification

In our first amendment we will close the gap.


Steps to follow:

  • Apply Permatex after seeing the way it is applied in the image.
Blackstone Griddle Grease Tray Modification
The gap is being closed with Permatex.

The problem is still not solved.

Can you see that the grease is not falling into the holder and is flowing from the end of the drain towards the lower leg.

Blackstone Griddle Grease Tray Modification
Oil flowing near the grease catcher.

#Problem: The oil does not go directly into the grease cup.

Mod 2: Blackstone Griddle side discharge Modification

Here we will fix the drain edge with side discharge.


Steps to follow:

  • Get the grease slider.
  • As shown in the image, you should also put it on the end edge of the drain.
  • The wide part of the grease slider should be facing outside.
  • Insert the narrow part of the grease slider a little into the edge part of the drain.
  • Then, with a small hammer, gently hit the right side of the wide part of the slider.
  • By doing this, the grease slider will hold the drain’s end layer tightly.

I am putting an image below. It will be clearer from the picture.

Blackstone Griddle Grease Tray Modification
Inserting the Grease slider.
Gap, where oil comes out
Hit the right side gently with the tool to fix it tightly.
Blackstone Griddle Grease Tray Modification
After modification.

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#Problem: Separation and cleaning of the grease cup from the griddle.

Mod 3: Blackstone griddle grease tray/ drip cup mod.

Purchase a Grease Cup Liner and insert in the grease cup.


This small modification or idea of ​​yours can save your time.
If you put the liner inside the grease cup, then you will be saved from the hassle of cleaning the cup.

Blackstone Griddle Grease Tray Modifications
Grease tray with liner.

# What accessories do I need for my Blackstone griddle?

Below are some of the accessories that are used for Blackstone griddle.

  1. Seasoning and Conditioner
    You can use this to season your griddle and also use it after cleaning the griddle.

2. Cleaner Tool Set-1 Stainless Steel 6″ Scraper, 3 Scouring Pads, 2 Cleaning Bricks, and 1 Handle.

3. Blackstone Griddle Stand with Adjustable Leg and Side Shelf – Made to fit 17” or 22”.
Best for Outdoor Cooking and Camping..

4. Blackstone Grease Cup Liners for Rear Grease Griddles.

5. Upgraded Stainless Steel Griddle Caddy for 28″/36″ Blackstone Griddles comes With Allen key, space saving BBQ accessories storage box, free of drill holes and easy to install.

6. Blackstone Flat top Griddle Professional Grade Accessory Tool Kit (5 Pieces).

14 Pcs Stainless Steel Griddle Grill Tools Set for Blackstone and Camp Chef.

135 Pcs Griddle Grill Tools Set for Blackstone and Camp Chef.

7. Hinged Lid for 36 inch Blackstone Griddle.

8. Wind Screen for Blackstone 22″.

Wind Guard for Blackstone 22″ Griddle (Rear Grease Trap).

9. Wind Guard for Blackstone Griddle 36 Inch, Stainless Steel.


# Can I leave my Blackstone griddle outside in the winter?

Yes, you can leave a Blackstone griddle outside, but if you want to preserve it from rusting, keep it away from the weather..

# Does your Blackstone require oiling after each use?

After every meal, you should wipe down and reseason the griddle because it can easily rust or chip if it isn’t cleaned frequently..

# How frequently should I season my Blackstone Griddle?

Before using it for the first time, a Blackstone Griddle needs to be thoroughly seasoned with many coats.

In order to keep the non-stick surface in good condition, you should season the pan lightly after each cook.

# Can I cook on my Blackstone right after I season it?

When the oil is well cooked and the griddle is preheated, you can start cooking..

# What oil is best to season Blackstone griddle?

I prefer to use grapeseed oil for seasoning Blackstone griddle. 

It produces a robust finish that easily flakes and chips not.

It’s perfect for curing metal because of its high smoke point..

# Conclusion

In conclusion, the Blackstone Griddle grease tray modifications provide workable methods to enhance grease control and convenience when cooking. You can successfully prevent grease buildup and make cleaning simpler by applying the suggested adjustments described in the article, such as adding a bigger or bespoke grease tray, including a grease trap system, or using a disposable liner. With these easy yet useful adjustments, you may improve your Blackstone Griddle experience.