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My Top 3 Blackstone Griddle Mods, Jun(2024)

In this guide, I’ve addressed many of the questions you might have about Blackstone Griddle modifications.

I’ve delved into some frequently asked topics, including:

You’ll be surprised to find that some of these mods are simpler to implement than you might think…;

Blackstone Griddle
Blackstone Griddle.

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# Blackstone Griddle Mods

Mod 1: My Blackstone 36 Griddle Rear Grease Modification.

This modification is straightforward to implement…


  1. Start by getting a grease cup. (Note: The grease cup typically comes with handles and a hook for easy attachment.)
  2. Insert a liner inside the grease cup for added protection.
  3. Finally, attach the grease cup right under the hole located at the back of the griddle top..
Blackstone Griddle Mods
Grease cup.
Blackstone Griddle Mods
Grease cup with liner.
Blackstone Griddle Mods
Grease cup.

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Mod 2: My Blackstone 36 Griddle Wind Guards Modification

Wind guards are essential for reducing wind interference and retaining heat, ensuring a consistent cooking temperature.

Steps to Install:

  1. Simply take the wind guard and position it directly on the griddle’s lip.
  2. If you’re feeling crafty, you can create your own custom wind guard.

    However, I personally recommend opting for a ready-made one to save time and ensure efficiency…
Blackstone Griddle Mods
Wind guard.

Also you can try this Blackstone Griddle Wind Guards DIY Updated Method

credit-Carolina Blue Smoke BBQ & Outdoor Cooking.

Blacstone 36 Inch Wind Screen.

credit-Skinner’s 100% Honest Reviews

# Other Personalized Blackstone Griddle Modifications.

Mod 3: Mod 3: Converting the 17″ Blackstone Griddle for RV Use

If you’re looking to adapt your Blackstone Griddle for RV adventures, here’s a simple guide:

  • Begin by threading off your one-pound bottle.
  • Acquire a hose, preferably one with a regulator.
  • Connect the hose thread using an appropriate adapter.
  • Now, attach the other end to your 20-pound bottle thread.
Blackstone Griddle Mods
1 lb bottle to 20 lb RV.

Mod 4: My Blackstone 28 Griddle Grease Tray/drain mod

A common issue I’ve noticed is that when grease flows through the drain, it often ends up at the base of the griddle rather than in the grease cup. But don’t worry, I’ve got a solution for that!

Essentials You’ll Need:

  • A grease cup.
  • The Backyard Life Gear Grease Slide Griddle.

Steps to Fix:

  • Slightly bend the kit upwards..
  • Attach the Backyard Life Gear Grease Slide Griddle kit to the drain edge.
  • Give the kit a gentle crimp to ensure it’s snugly fit.
  • Position a grease cup right below the kit. No more messy grease spills..

# Seasoning

Blackstone 28 griddle seasoning

Seasoning is a crucial step to ensure your griddle’s longevity and enhance its non-stick properties. Here’s my recommended method:

Steps for Perfect Seasoning:

  • Begin by mixing a bit of soap with water. Use this mixture to clean the griddle surface, wiping it down with a paper towel..
  • Turn on the griddle and set it to high heat. Allow any residues to burn off for approximately 15 minutes.
  • After the griddle has been on high heat for 15 minutes, take two tablespoons of your preferred seasoning and a cast-iron conditioner.
  • Turn off the grill.
  • Using a clean paper towel, evenly spread the conditioner across the griddle’s surface. For best results, repeat this process 2 to 3 times, waiting about 15 minutes between each application.
Blackstone Griddle Mods
Wipe with soapy water.
Blackstone Griddle Mods
Wipe with griddle conditioner.

# Upgrading Your Blackstone Griddle

Enhancing your Blackstone griddle with some upgrades can significantly improve your cooking experience. Here are my top recommendations for upgrades:

Steps to Elevate Your Griddle Experience:

# Discover a Variety of Blackstone Accessories.

You can check out the link given below according to your needs…

  1. Lids for Your Griddle:
  1. Win Guard:
  1. Surround Table:

# Essential Accessories for Your Blackstone Griddle

Elevate your grilling experience with these must-have accessories for your Blackstone griddle. I’ve handpicked some of the best additions to complement your cooking sessions:

  1. Top Griddle Accessories 14 Pieces Set: A comprehensive set to cater to all your grilling needs.
  2. 12 Inch Heavy Duty Round Basting Cover with Cast Iron Burger Bacon Press: Perfect for ensuring even cooking and retaining moisture.
  3. Blackstone Griddle Cover 36 Inch Waterproof: Protect your griddle from the elements with this durable waterproof cover.
  4. Backyard Life Gear Grease Slide Griddle: An essential tool for managing grease effectively.
  5. Blackstone Griddle 36-inch Surround Table: Expand your workspace and prep area.
  6. Blackstone Surround Table with Rear Grease Feature: Designed for efficient grease management.
  7. Breakfast Kit: Everything you need for a delightful breakfast spread.
  8. Warming Rack: Keep your food warm while you continue grilling.
  9. Bottles for Oil and Water: Convenient dispensers for your cooking essentials.
  10. Spatulas: Flip and serve with ease.
  11. Blackstone Griddle Cleaning Kit: Ensure your griddle remains spotless after every use.
  12. Blackstone Griddle Seasoning: Enhance the flavor profile of your dishes.
  13. Blackstone Griddle Conditioner: Maintain the non-stick surface of your griddle.
  14. Blackstone Griddle Cookbook: Explore a variety of delicious recipes tailored for the griddle.
  15. Upgraded Silicone Griddle Mat for Blackstone 36 Inch
  16. New Upgraded Griddle Caddy Shelf for Blackstone 17″/ 22″/ 28″ Griddle
  17. Blackstone Upgraded Accessories.

# Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Blackstone Griddles.

# Is the Blackstone griddle worth the investment?

Absolutely! The Blackstone griddle offers impressive durability, a robust build, and provides great value for its price. Plus, its expansive cooking surface ensures quality grilling every time..

# How good is the Blackstone griddle?

Each Blackstone griddle model boasts its unique features and quality. Your choice should align with your specific needs and preferences. Here are some of my top picks:

# Can I prepare pizza on a Blackstone griddle?

Yes, crafting a delicious pizza on a Blackstone griddle is entirely possible..

# Do Blackstone griddles come with a lid?

In short, some Blackstone griddle models are equipped with a lid, while others aren’t..

# Is it safe to use a grill mat on a Blackstone griddle?

Certainly! The Blackstone Griddle Mat is designed to be used on the Blackstone griddle, ensuring a non-stick cooking experience.

# What sets the Blackstone griddle apart from regular grills?

The Blackstone griddle offers several advantages over traditional grills. Two standout features include:

  • Expansive Cooktop: The spacious griddle surface allows for simultaneous cooking of multiple items, perfect for hosting large gatherings.
  • Adjustable Temperature: With its multi-burner setup, you can achieve varied cooking temperatures across the griddle, catering to diverse culinary needs.

# Blackstone Replacement Parts.

# Blackstone Replacement Griddle 22

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# Blackstone 28” Griddle Top Replacement

If you are looking for a Blackstone 28” Griddle Top Replacement click here.

# 36” Blackstone Griddle Top Replacement

You can find here 36” Blackstone Griddle Top Replacement..

# Conclusion

In conclusion, with these blackstone modifications you can convert your Blackstone griddle into a flexible cooking apparatus with the appropriate adaptations. You can improve the performance, convenience, and functionality of your outdoor cooking with the help of these modifications. The possibilities for modification are numerous, ranging from adding side shelves and wind guards to installing temperature control systems and unique accessories. You can also improve your cooking abilities and open up new culinary options on your griddle with these top Blackstone griddle upgrades