Masterbuilt 560 vs 800 vs 1050, Sep(2023)

Masterbuilt 560 vs 800 vs 1050
Masterbuilt 560 vs 800 vs 1050_ Featured Image

I have explained here in detail on the Masterbuilt 560 vs 800 vs 1050.

Also I have compared here every single positive and negative points through comparison table.

Furthermore, I have tried to cover the solutions to maximum of your questions.

So lets dive in…,

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# Masterbuilt Gravity Series Comparison (560 vs 800 vs 1050)

CheckpointsMasterbuilt 560Masterbuilt 800Masterbuilt 1050
Usage of the unitGrill, SmokerGrill, Smoker, GriddleGrill, Smoker
Temperature Range (F)150-700100-700150-700
Cooking Space5608001050
DimensionH 51.97’’ x W 54.13’’x L 24.65’’H 51″ x W 31″ x L 55″ H 52.16’’ x W 61.02’’x L 33.07’’
Cooking Grates Size54″ x 24″Main grates W 16.38″
D/L 11.88
H 0.38
Top grate is 26.75″ x 4.25″ and the bottom grate is 28″ x 17.75″
Cooking Grates MaterialPorcelain coated racksPorcelain coated racksPorcelain coated racks
Front ShelvesNoYes
Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel
Bottom ShelvesYes, Expanded metalYes, Solid
With Imprint For
Manifold Not In Use
Yes, Premium metal which is better than the 560 
AppYes Yes Yes
ControllerYes Yes Yes 
Power Cord
Management Bracket
Drip Tray LocationLower FrontLower FrontLower Front
Wheels Yes Yes Yes 
Inner WallsAluminized SteelPorcelain-CoatedPorcelain-Coated
Check PriceCheck PriceCheck Price
Trigg ribs on Masterbuilt
Trigg ribs on Masterbuilt.

# Major Difference

Cooking Space:
The main difference between the three gravity smokers is the size.

According to the size, all the three Gravity Smokers have been named.

It means 560 Masterbuilt has 560 sq inches of cooking space, 800 Masterbuilt has 800 sq inches of cooking space and 1050 Masterbuilt has 1050 sq inches of cooking space.

Cooking Grates
Masterbuilt 560 Gravity smoker comes with 4 racks and it has a total of 560 sq inches of cooking space. So the capacity of this smoker allows you to cook 8 chickens37 sausages and 21 burgers whereas 1050 has 7 racks of ribs.

Similar Masterbuilt 800 Gravity Smoker comes with two porcelain-coated smoking racks..

The quantity of this rack is less as compared to other gravity smokers as this Masterbuilt 800 smoker gives you a digital charcoal griddle. However, the 560 and 1050 smokers do not include the griddle.

The Masterbuilt 1050 Gravity series smoker is bigger than the Masterbuilt 560 and 800.
Since it has 1050 sq inches of cooking space allows you to grill, smoke, roast, sear, bake and so much more.

  • Masterbuilt 560- 51.97:54.13:24.65 inches
  • Masterbuilt 800- ‎55 x 31 x 51 inches
  • Masterbuilt 1050- 52.16: 61.02: 33.07 inches.

Weight :
The Masterbuilt 800 has more weight than1050 and 560. Masterbuilt 800 and 1050 have almost the same weight…

Here are the weight of three Masterbuilt Gravity Series Smokers:

  • Masterbuilt 560- 147 pounds.
  • Masterbuilt 800- 204 pounds.
  • Masterbuilt 1050- 200.0 lb.

# Types of Masterbuilt Gravity smoker

# Other Difference

Hopper :
You might have noticed that the hopper lid of the Masterbuilt 560 and 1050 slopes towards the smoker’s lid whenever you open the hopper lid.

Another thing is power cord management which is located on the back of the 800 and 1050 grill.

There is a small bracket that you may use to loop the cord around to prevent tangles and dragging it around.

From this we also learn how to care and handle electronic parts.

When it comes to power cord quality, I believe the Masterbuilt 800 and 1050 are better.

Front Shelves :
The Masterbuilt 560 does not come with a front shelf but the Masterbuilt 1050 and 800 have stainless steel front shelves for extra preparation space.

I have taught how to install a new shelf by removing the old shelf and modifying it. You must check out that modification content.

Bottom Shelves :
There is only a slight difference in the size of these three bottom shelves.

The expanded bottom shelf of Masterbuilt 560 is made of good quality metal.

The bottom shelf of the Masterbuilt 800 is great too. When the manifold is not in use, you can rest assured by keeping it on the shelf.

The Masterbuilt 1050’s lower shelf is equally as sturdy. Also, it is really sturdy.

Wall :
The aluminized steel wall of the Masterbuilt 560 Smoker is stronger and lasts longer. Although 800 and 1050 gravity smokers have porcelain-coated double walls.

Griddle :
If you are looking for a gravity smoker with a griddle, then the Masterbuilt 800 smoker is perfect for you.

The griddle doesn’t come with the Masterbuilt 560 and 1050 Gravity Series Smokers.

You will have to purchase a griddle separately that fits the Masterbuilt 1050 and 560 .

Then the shroud of this smoker provides heat to your griddle or pizza stone..

Fuel Capacity :
The hopper of the Masterbuilt 560 and 1050 can accommodate 16 lbs of briquettes or lump charcoal. The Masterbuilt 560 lasts for 12 hours and the 1050 lasts for 8 hours.
Whether Masterbuilt 800 stores 16 pounds of briquettes or 10 pounds of lump charcoal for up to 10 hours..

Smoked chickens on Masterbuilt
Smoked chickens on Masterbuilt.

# Similarities

Controller and the App :
Yes, all these Masterbuilt Gravity Smoker has a controller and the app with bluetooth and wifi.

An optional free app comes with Masterbuilt which allows you to control and monitor the temperature of the cook.

Some customer reviews say that opening the grill lid disconnects the app and then they need to turn the app back on.

But I have no experience with disconnecting the app yet. So friends please check once before making a purchase.

Side shelf :
All three Masterbuilt Gravity Smokers have a side shelf.

Masterbuilt 800 and 1050 are constructed of stainless steel, whereas Masterbuilt 560 is made of powder-coated steel.

Temp Gauge :
The temperature gauge comes with these three series of Masterbuilt Gravity Smokers.

Meat Probe :
Yes, you’ll also get meat probes for perfect results and accurate temperature with these three gravity smokers.

Wheels :
Talking about the wheels, there is no difference between the three smokers in this area too.

# Common Issues

Painting :
The paint peels off of all these Masterbuilt Gravity Smokers. Especially in the area inside the hopper..


# How many racks of ribs can you fit on a Masterbuilt 1050?

Masterbuilt claims a capacity for 7 rack ribs at a time using the cooking grates provided in the Masterbuilt 1050 Series..

# Does the Masterbuilt 1050 have a griddle?

No. The Masterbuilt 1050 doesn’t have a griddle. But you can transform your grill into a flat-top griddle to purchasing a separate Griddle Accessory.

# Can you use pellets in the Masterbuilt Gravity Series?

The Masterbuilt Gravity Series is designed to be used with charcoal briquettes with wood chunk.

# How long does a hopper last Masterbuilt 1050?

A Masterbuilt 1050 hopper that holds lump or briquette charcoal for up to 8 hours.

# How do I contact Masterbuilt?

You can contact Masterbuilt through this email address-  [email protected] .

# Conclusion

In conclusion, the Masterbuilt 560, 800, and 1050 are all exceptional options for smoking enthusiasts.

The Masterbuilt 560 offers versatility with its charcoal and wood pellet capabilities, while the 800 provides a larger cooking space for larger gatherings.

On the other hand, the Masterbuilt 1050 offers advanced features and a higher capacity, making it ideal for professional use or larger events.

Choosing between these models ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferences..