Masterbuilt 800 mods, Sep(2023)

Masterbuilt 800 mods
Masterbuilt 800 mods

Here I have explained most of your queries about Masterbuilt 800 Mods.

I have always struggled to find proper information on the Mods.

Therefore, I have tried to share the best of helpful information from my experiences in doing and learning about the Masterbuilt gravity series 800 mods.

I have tried to cover some common queries like :

  • Masterbuilt 800 firebox liner installation
  • Masterbuilt 800 water pan
  • Masterbuilt 800 vent mods
  • Masterbuilt 800 manifold cover
  • Masterbuilt 800 rack
  • Masterbuilt 800 Hopper cover mod

I surely hope it solves your problem…,

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Masterbuilt gravity series 800 mods

Mod 1: Masterbuilt 800 Firebox mod


  • Remove the hopper cover or upper heat shield.
  • Remove the attached two wires once you have removed that upper part.
  • Remove the screws and disassemble the hopper. (Make sure the gasket is in good condition when you remove it.)
  • Now insert the firebox liner. (You can press down with your hand or lightly hit with a hammer to get a perfect fit.)
  • Now it’s time to attach the hopper. Now you have to flip your hopper upside down right there and install the gasket.
  • After the gasket installation, flip it back and start assembling the hopper and again connect those wires.
  • You will do the exact opposite of what you did to set it apart..
Masterbuilt 800 mods
Installing Firebox.
Masterbuilt 800 mods
Installing Gasket.

Mod 2: Masterbuilt 800 Rack mod

Here we will learn how to install Middle large cooking rack…


  • First, side the rack that you are currently using.
  • Remove two hardware or brackets which hold the rack in the cooking chamber.
  • Replace the  longer hardware with screw and place your bigger middle rack.

If you want to increase the cooking surface you have to replace with longer hardware then you can use a large size upper and middle rack…

Masterbuilt 800 mods
Replacing long bracket.
Masterbuilt 800 mods
Masterbuilt gravity series 800 mods-Bigger Middle Rack.

Mod 3: Masterbuilt 800 Vent/Damper mod


  • Remove the screws from the control panel’s side using a 3/8-inch open-end wrench.(The top part of the smoker has screws on either side.)
  • Now install the vent with its screws…
Masterbuilt 800 mods
Remove screws.
Masterbuilt 800 mods
Installing Vent.
Masterbuilt 800 mods
Vent mod.

Mod 4: Water Pan mod


  • You do not have to do anything in water pan modification. Just buy a water pan and keep it in its place..
Masterbuilt 800 mods
Water Pan.

Mod 6: Masterbuilt 800 mods with Manifold Cover & Drip Catcher.


  • No drilling required for manifold cover and drip catcher modification as well. You just have to take the stuff and set it in its place.
  • So, first place the manifold cover then place its brackets which hold the drip catcher.

Don’t worry about cleaning because you are using a drip pan. So, pork butts or brisket or ribs or whatever you want, you can easily cook on a cooking grate..

Masterbuilt 800 mods
Manifold Cover.
Masterbuilt 800 mods
Bracket to hold Drip pan.
Masterbuilt 800 mods
Drip Catcher Mod.
Masterbuilt 800 mods
Fits Bigger Drip Pan.

Mod 7: Masterbuilt 800 Hopper cover mod


  • You will get readymade cover so purchase it and use it.
  • Nothing to do, just put the cover under the hopper lid.

However, you can make the cover differently in the hardware shop..

For example, take a flat part (suitable material) that is equal to the mouth of the hopper and add a thin bracket on either side with a hole in it so you can attach it to the hopper lid.

Masterbuilt 800 mods
Firebox cover mod.
Masterbuilt 800 mods
Attach with cover lid.

# Overview of the Masterbuilt 800:

With its wide variety of features, the Masterbuilt 800 Gravity Smoker is a great choice for both novice and expert cooks..

Key Features:

  1. Large Cooking Capacity: The Masterbuilt 800 a large cooking space. You can cook simultaneously different food.
  2. Multiple Cooking Racks: This smoker comes with multiple cooking racks. Its best thing is that it provides griddle.
  3. Provide accurate temperature: It has a temperature controller that allows you to maintain a constant temperature and makes cooking easy.

    This Masterbuilt 800 is equipped with a user-friendly Digital Control Panel. You can easily adjust the cooking time and monitor smartly.
  4. A good feeding method for wood chips: It has the facility of adding wood chips without opening the main door.

Apart from this, there are many other qualities. Like easy to use, sturdy construction with insulated, provide good taste and flavor and also allows you to experiment different cooking methods..


# Can you use pellets in Masterbuilt 800?

The Masterbuilt 800 Gravity Smoker’s Hopper is designed for charcoal briquettes and wood chips.

# How do you mount a griddle on a Masterbuilt 800?

There are two hooks on the bottom right of the controller to hang the grill grates where you can hang the griddle.

Masterbuilt 800 mods
Hooks to hold griddle.

# How do I reset my Masterbuilt 800?

  • Shut down your smoker.
  • Disconnect your smoker from the power source.
  • Reconnect the plug after five minutes.
  • Your controller is reset.

# How do I clean my Masterbuilt 800 grates and griddle ?

Follow these easy steps to clean your Masterbuilt griddle 800.

  • Turn on your grill or smoker and set it to the highest temperature to burn off any food left on the grates. 
  • Let the grates cool, clean them with a grill-safe brush.
  • Once they are clean, wipe them dry and apply vegetable oil to keep the grates from rusting.

Similarly, you have to clean the pan as well, although the food does not stick to the pan like a grater..

So, there is no need to set the grill to the highest temperature to clean the griddle..

# Conclusion

Bring your smoking game to the next level with these crucial modifications for your Masterbuilt 800 smoker. You’ll benefit from better temperature control, better smoke dispersal, and increased effectiveness by putting these changes into practice. Utilize the adaptability and customization possibilities to create a genuinely remarkable smoking experience. These adjustments, like as adding a pellet hopper, setting up a gasket seal, or enhancing airflow, will improve the quality of your cooking. Utilize the capabilities of the Masterbuilt 800 to produce delectable, flawlessly smoked delicacies that will wow both family and friends. Prepare to advance your smoking experiences with these essential modifications!