Here I have explained most of your queries about Bandera Smoker Modification. I have always struggled to find proper information on the Mods.

Therefore, whatever from my experiences in doing and learning about the Mods, I have tried to share the best of helpful information…

I have tried to cover some common queries like-

  • Firebox and cooking chamber lever.
  • Adding gasket to trap the smoke.
  • Putting silicone to fix the leakage etc..

I surely hope it solves your problem…;

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Know more about Oklahoma Joe Bandera

Bandera Smoker Modifications

Mod 1: Using lever (latches)

This modification is beneficial. These latches close the door tightly and prevent smoke from escaping..


The latches help to close the door or lid of the smoker completely..

Latches are a significant contributor to preventing smoke and heat from escaping..

Steps to Follow:


  • First, you have to purchase latches that fit on your smoker.
  • You can buy extra screws according to the size of the latches.
  • Use a Self Centering Drill Bit.


  • Measurement and Mark:
    • Take a measure and mark where you are going to mount the latch. (Mark should be at the same level on the lid.)
  • Fix the latches:
    • Install the latches one by one with screws. (as shown in the image)
Bandera door latches.
Bandera door latches.

The same way you can do on your smoker door.
You can see how to install a latch clamp on the door in the image..

Installing Latches.
Installing Latches.

Mod 2: Using Gasket


The Self Stick gasket prevents smoke and heat from escaping out like a latch clamp..

Steps to Follow:

  • Purchase a quality gasket from amazon.


  • Paste the gasket:
    • Paste the self-stick gasket around the lip of the firebox lid.
    • Next, you have to put the gasket around the cabinet door.
Gasket to stop leakage.
Gasket to stop leakage.

Mod 3: Using Silicone sealant


Silicone sealants are used in the joint to cover or close the gap.

Silicone sealant also prevents smoke out, and it doesn’t harm the food.

Here I am explaining that how to use silicone sealant on your smoker

So, before you put the silicone sealant, you have to clean your smoker, so that it is easy to apply..

Steps to Follow:

  • Clean the smoker:
    • Before applying your silicone sealant, you should clean the smoker with soapy water or cleaner. (Let remove all the grease)
  • Find or select the place:
    • You should know that where you are going to apply this sealant.
  • Check the leakage area:
    • You have to light a fire in the firebox to find out the leakage area.
    • Find the leakage area and remember so that you can put sealant.
    • Let the smoker cool.
  • Take a silicone sealant:
    • Take some silicone sealant on your finger. (Do not take too much sealant at once.)
  • Paste the silicone on joints:
    • Paste the silicone in every joint of the smoker from where the smoke leaks. (you can use gloves)
    • You can apply silicone inside the cooking chamber, in the firebox, and also on smokestacks..
Silicone Sealant
Silicone Sealant
Silicone sealant on smokestack.
Silicone sealant on smokestack.

# Accessories that come in handy with Bandera smoker.

  • Cover: Protect your smoker from the elements with a durable cover.
  • Charcoal Firebox: Enhance the flavor and ensure consistent heating.
  • Lavalock RTV 650: A high-quality sealant that’s essential for preventing smoke leaks.
  • Gasket: Another crucial tool for sealing your smoker and maintaining the right temperature.
  • Latches: These ensure your smoker’s door is tightly closed, preventing any unwanted smoke escape.
  • Screws: Always handy to have around for any minor adjustments or fixes.
  • Heavy duty weather resistant cover: A step up from the regular cover, this offers even more protection against harsh weather conditions.
  • Heat Resistant BBQ Gloves: Safety first! These gloves will protect your hands from the intense heat when handling the smoker..


#1 How to increase the temperature of my Bandera smoker?

To increase the temperature of Bandera Smoker by more than 250 degrees, add wood chunks and close your dampers slightly..

#2 Where do I purchase an Oklahoma Joe’s Bandera smoker?

You can purchase an Oklahoma Joe’s Bandera smoker from amazon..

#3 What is the metal thickness of Bandera?

The metal thickness of the Bandera is 2.5 mm cold-rolled steel on the cooking chamber and 2mm cold-rolled steel on the firebox..

#4 What is the shipping box dimension and weight of Bandera?

The shipping box dimension of the Bandera is 19.09″ x 45.4″ x 24.4,” and the weight is 212 lbs.

#5 Where can I get accessories of Oklahoma Joe’s Bandera Smoker?

You can get the accessories of Oklahoma Joe’s Bandera Smoker from-

#6 What is the maximum number of slabs of ribs Bandera can cook?

Approximately 8 complete slabs of spare ribs can be cooked..

# Conclusion

In conclusion, these Bandera smoker upgrades will raise the bar for your BBQ performance. These modifications are a game-changer because to their better heat retention, greater ventilation, and customizable features. Bring on the properly smoked meats and wave goodbye to inconsistent temperatures. Upgrade your Bandera smoker right away to maximize your outdoor cooking experiences. With these crucial Bandera smoker tweaks, you may improve your grilling abilities and make yourself the envy of backyard Pitmasters everywhere…


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