Easy Cleaning Masterbuilt Gravity 560, 800,1050

Cleaning Masterbuilt Gravity Series Featured Image
Cleaning Masterbuilt Gravity Series Featured Image

Cleaning Masterbuilt 560 is Easy and Quicker than you think.

If you are looking for the same, you are in the right place.

It’s imperative to use the right tool for cleaning.

For Eg: Using Wire Brush can leave bristles in the smoker.

Which in turn can be dangerous if it enters the body.

Also, If you don’t maintain it clean, you’ll have flare-ups at high temperatures.”

It took me a while to even figure out the ways to handle the hopper properly before cleaning. 

And I didn’t want to do something that could harm the smoker. 

That’s when I began to research..

Fortunately, you don’t have to go through all of these, as I have compiled it together and made it as simple as possible for anyone to get it right.

These methods are all the same for different Masterbuilt Gravity Series 560, 800, 1050. So I have covered it all. 

Let’s walk through the 7 Steps to Clean your Masterbuilt Gravity Smoker completely,

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How do you clean a Masterbuilt Gravity Series?

#1 Cooking Chamber Cleaning

Before cleaning your cooking chamber, you have to empty the cooking chamber.

You may need:

Steps to Follow :

  • Preparation: Open your lid and remove grates, warming racks, and manifold from the smoker.
    (Manifold stays underneath the cooking chamber.
    When the heat comes from the charcoal chamber, the manifold allows that heat to rise into the cooking chamber.)
  • Applying Degreaser: Spray degreaser all inside the cooking chamber.
  • Wait for some time: Allow the thick layer of oil to absorb the degreaser for some time.
  • Scrapping: After a few minutes, scrape with a spackle knife, or you can use a scraper.
    (It would be better if you use a plastic scraper so that the chamber’s metal is not damaged by rubbing.)
  • Collect Grease: Use a vacuum to catch all dirty stuff and dust.
  • Brush inside: Now brush every part of the inside of the chamber so that the sticky grease comes out. (Try to avoid wire brush)
  • Wash with Water: Spray water and let the oily, dirty water and messy things out through the oil catcher hole.
    (Oil catcher hole is at the bottom of the cooking chamber, which takes the oil and all the dirty things out of the hole.)
  • Wipe and Dry: Wipe inside the cooking chamber with a clean towel to dry completely.
Cleaning Masterbuilt 560
Cleaning cooking chamber.

#2 Cooking Grates Cleaning

It’s effortless to clean grates or racks using a degreaser..

But it is not necessary to use a degreaser to clean the grates. You can also use warm soapy water.

You may need:

Steps to Follow :

  • Spray degreaser on grates and let it soft.
    • First, you have to spray degreaser on both sides of the grates 
    • Give the sticking grease some time to soften.
    • In the same way, you have to spray on warming racks and leave them to soften.
  • Brush off on both sides of the grates.
    • When the grease of the grates and racks becomes soft, then brush it well from all sides.
    • If it doesn’t clear, spray more degreaser.
  • Wash with water and dry 
    • Then spray water at the end so that all the dirt comes out and dry all the parts.

Did you know?
Single Usage of a Kitchen Degreaser Can Alter Indoor Aerosol Composition for Days.
Yes it can stay there for days..!

How to clean cooking grates without degreaser?

You can use warm soapy water instead of a degreaser.

Also, you can add one or two small cups of apple cider or vinegar to the warm water instead of soap.

So let me tell you the steps of how to use warm soapy water..

You will need:

Follow the Steps :

  • Set Temperature: Set your smoker temperature at 500 degrees.
  • Brush: Brush off all the grates inside the chamber.
  • Utensils with Water: Take a bowl or container to hold the required water.
  • Mix Water and Soap: Take any soap that washes utensils in the house and mix it with warm water.
  • Towel Dip in Water: Take a small towel and dip it in that water.
  • Rubbing: Squeeze some water from the towel and rub around the grate with that towel. (You can use a tong to catch the towel and rub.)
  • Repeat: Do this step until the grates become clear.
  • Let it Dry: After cleaning, let the things dry or wipe them with a dry clean towel.

If you try this and it works out for you. .

Then feel free to share your inputs..

#3 Ash box (including Hopper) Cleaning

What should you know before cleaning the ash box and hopper?

We should keep in mind three things before cleaning the ash box and hopper. For example –

  • Grill Temperature : The grill should not be hot. (including all parts) 
  • Safety : Cover the electric wire. With cello tape or something. Protect the fan from water as much as possible.
  • Cleaning Material : Use a clean and soft cloth.

It would be better if you clean the grill after it cools down.

Use gloves for safety..

Before cleaning, you have to disconnect the electric wire from the main power. 

Electric parts can be damaged if they come in contact with water.

So cover the electric wire with cello tape or something. 

Protect the fan from water as much as possible.

Make sure the water doesn’t get inside the controller while cleaning.

Steps to Follow :

  • Keep the hopper empty
    • Shake the charcoal tray of the hopper slightly so that the small charcoal and ash stuck in the tray fall into the box.
    • Please take out the charcoal tray and clean its dust and then put it in its place. (can wipe with a dry cloth.)
  • Clean Ash Bin :
    • Remove the ash pan with ash and remaining charcoal.
    • Wipe with dry cloth your ash bin.
  • Clean Dust :
    • Use a vacuum to collect all dust from the ash chamber and Make sure the door with the gasket is vacuumed.
Cleaning Masterbuilt 560
Ash Box Cleaning.

The hopper and its bottom, in my opinion, should not be washed with water or any other cleaning.

You vacuum up the dust and wipe it off with a dry cloth, that’s it.

#4 Exterior Cleaning

You haven’t put the internal parts in yet, ok. Now you are going to wash the exterior of the grill.

So, first of all, close the lid of the grill..

You may need : 

Steps to Follow :

  • Spray Cleaner: Now spray exterior cleaner on the exterior of the smoker.
    (Make sure you are not spraying anything on the hopper and controller.)
  • Wipe: Wipe with a paper towel or clean, soft cloth.
  • Spray Water: Then spray water on the grill.
  • Dry: Dry your exterior part of the smoker using a towel.
Cleaning Masterbuilt 560
Exterior cleaning.

#5 Manifold Cleaning 

You can save your time if you spray the degreaser immediately after removing the manifold from the chamber.

I do not allow the Manifold to get too dirty because I put the drip pan on top of the manifold and cover the drip pan with foil.

So both the manifold and the drip pan are saved from getting messy, and my work becomes more manageable.

You may need : 

Steps to Follow :

  • Dump mess: Get the manifold and dump the messy things.
  • Spray cleaner: Spray Weber Exterior Grill cleaner on a manifold.
  • Wait for some time: Leave for a minute.
  • Scrap the Manifold: Now, you have to scrape the manifold with a scraper or steel wool.
  • If the grease is not getting cleaned, then use more degreaser.
  • Wash with Water: Spray water and let dry the manifold.
Cleaning Masterbuilt 560
Cleaning Manifold.

#6 Oil Catcher Cleaning

I wouldn’t say I like cleaning this part at all.

So I prefer using Weber Exterior Grill cleaner directly.

It is simple and time saving

You may need : 

Steps to Follow :

  • Remove Oil Catcher: Pull out the oil catcher slightly and keep it down.
  • Spray Cleaner: Spray Weber Exterior Grill cleaner on the oil catcher pan.
  • Wait for Sometime: Leave it for a few minutes. 
  • Rub on catcher pan: Take a scraper or steel wool and rub all around. 
  • Wash with Water: Spray water all around the oil catcher.
  • Let it Dry: Let it dry in sunlight or wipe with a dry cloth.
Cleaning Masterbuilt 560
Oil Catcher Pan cleaning.

#7 Stainless Portion Cleaning (side table, controller, handle)

You may need:

Follow the Steps :

  • Spraying : Now you have to spray stainless steel cleaner on the controller and stainless steel side table.
  • Waiting Time : Leave for a minute and wipe down with a paper towel.
  • Keep it Dry : Dry it again with a towel.

And yes that’s it..

The whole cleaning is done now.

Once all the parts dry up, you should put all the components back to its place.

Also I also found something very related that might add up here..

List of Tools Used till Now and other accessories

FAQ Section

# How long does Masterbuilt 560 last?

Masterbuilt 560 can last upto 12-15 hours of use on a 16-pound bag of briquettes or 10 pounds of lump charcoal.
However this can vary with the uses.

# How long does charcoal chute take to cool after using?

A charcoal chute could take 2 to 3 hours or more to cool after use

# How often should I clean my Masterbuilt 560?

You should clean your Masterbuilt 560 once every month or two.

# Do you clean smoker racks?

Yes, I clean my smoker racks after almost every cook.

Its safe and a good habit.

# What’s the best way to keep my manifold clean?

The best way to keep manifold clean :
Cover your manifold with foil or drip pan, and it will catch anything that drops from the grate.

# How to prevent the gasket from sticking?

To prevent the hopper gasket from sticking, place a piece of foil between it and the lid.

# Is the Masterbuilt 560 easy to clean?

Yes, it is pretty easy to clean Masterbuilt 560 in comparison to other smokers.

It is almost similar to cleaning a gas grill..

# What are the dimensions of the primary grate for the Masterbuilt 800 series?

The primary grate is 23.5″ x 16″ in size, while the warming racks are 24″ x 8.75″ in size.

# Does my smoker need seasoning?

Yes, season your smoker before using it for the first time to get rid of any varnish or other pollutants.

To get the best smoking results, season the smoker even before each usage..

# Conclusion

In conclusion, for the best performance and longevity, Masterbuilt Gravity Series smokers (560, 800, and 1050) must be properly cleaned and maintained. Cleaning the grates, ashtray, and interior of the smoker on a regular basis helps avoid accumulation, guarantees proper ventilation, and lowers the possibility of flare-ups. You can enjoy consistent and savoury results while extending the life of your Masterbuilt Gravity smoker by following to these cleaning instructions.